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Chosan baobab jams & spreads with a difference

Bored with your regular jams and chocolate spread and craving something that little different? then look no further as Chosan spreads are the answer! Chosan spreads are made with baobab and 100% natural ingredients.

Thanks to my friends Dip_and_Sip they gifted me a new variety of jams and spreads by Chosan to taste at home all of which were equally as delicious.


Founder Eliza from Gambia wanted to bring jams and spreads to the world with a difference so she set up Chosan bringing produce made with baobab and hibiscus. Chosan is a word which means ‘cultural heritage’ in the Wolof language they speak in Gambia.

She always loved the fresh food and drink her auntie would make her. Her auntie used a variety of local fruits without any extracts, colourings or artificial flavourings to make simple jams and spreads.

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