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Feed Me wholesome treats

Ever yearned for a treat but trying avoiding sugar? then fear no more as Feed Me treats are wholesome treats which are free from refined sugars and preservatives.

I was kindly sent a box on a complimentary basis to enjoy their treats in the comfort of my own home.

Feed Me

Feed Me is Leicester’s premier wholesome treat company whom create delicious & nutritious treats for everybody. They bake from scratch everything from their humble chocolate brownie through to layered stacks of deliciousness, all with their own wholesome twist!

All their products are packed full of nutritious wholefood ingredients and

  • free from refined sugars
  • has no preservatives
  • contain natural vitamins
  • packed with protein
  • vegan friendly
  • gluten free
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Wicked Halloween treats – La di da Sweet Treats

Every year I put on a pop-up Halloween event at mine for the kids in the neighbourhood providing them with much frights and ghoulish surprises from animatronic ghosts to ghoulish decorated cupcakes & cake pops which I make with my sister Emma of Cakes Makes Memories. This year La di da Sweet Treats gave me some boo-tiful decorated Oreo treats which were ghoulishly delightful.  Continue reading

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