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H₂O² hydrate on the go

Have you ever adventured out and had difficulty fitting a bottle of water in your bag, and potentially end up busting the zip? Then fear not anymore as H2osqd Ltd sell water storage bottles that are square and flat making it easy to fit in your bag, be it a handbag or rucksack and easy to store your other items around and even next to it.

Courtesy of H2osqd Ltd I was kindly given a water bottle with my initials personalised on it to take on my travels to work and staycation adventures.

H2osqd Ltd

Founder Cheski Kennedy Wallbank of H2osqd comes from Surrey and are passionate about vegan brands and carbon safe products.

Whilst travelling the world on her adventures working for celebrities on their yachts she loves to stay hydrated on the go but always struggled fitting the cylinder water bottles into her handbag or bag meaning she had to compromise most times by either carrying the water bottle in hand or switching her bag to a much larger one. So with this problem whilst during lockdown and not being able to travel the world she came up with her own design of an easy reusable water bottle which was flat, easily fits in most bags and easy to travel with on walks or travels.

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