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Emunity Drink loaded with vitamins & minerals

Ditch unhealthy sodas and alcohol and drink healthier drinks which have been 100% made from plants. Emunity Drinks is the first detox health drink to be made within the UK which harness the healing and immunity-boosting benefits of nettles. 

What exactly are Emunity Drinks though? they are a detox drink which is great for the immune system as nettles are loaded with benefits. The common stinging nettle is one of the most abundant weeds growing in the UK within parks, woods and your own garden. Nettles have been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Why? as they contain active compounds that are good for you and your body packed with omega 3, amino acids, vitamins and fibre. All of which help with the immune system, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels, fights symptoms of hay fever and it reduces the effects of skin ageing.

I was gifted a few cans of Emunity Drinks on a PR basis to review.

Emunity Drinks

Back in 2016 Roy and Nassir whom are two UK pharmacists who have a passion for helping people stay healthy created Emunity Drinks together. Taking an old family recipe they blended nettles with English Garden Herbs to create a great tasting, refreshing drink loaded with immune boosting health benefits. It is 100% natural, with no artificial ingredients and only 53 calories per can.

Nettle contains a significant concentration of biologically active compounds, particularly carotenoids and polyphenols, that are good for you and your body.

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SNOBS posh soda water

Do you love soda water? Then check out Snobs soda water which is a British premium soda water which has no colourings, no artificial flavourings, and no sugar. Simply juice from fruit, water and fizz.

I was gifted on a courtesy basis their brand of sodas to enjoy at home either as a mixer or straight.


Just when you thought mixers couldn’t get any better, SNOBS comes along with their natural clean refreshing flavoured soda waters!

Snobs is a British premium soda water. All their sodas use only natural sweeteners, colourings and natural flavours.
Virtually 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 sweeteners or anything artificial.

Can be enjoyed straight over ice or as a chic mixer for spirits. Either way nose up and pinky finger out! ⁣⁣⁣

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H₂O² hydrate on the go

Have you ever adventured out and had difficulty fitting a bottle of water in your bag, and potentially end up busting the zip? Then fear not anymore as H2osqd Ltd sell water storage bottles that are square and flat making it easy to fit in your bag, be it a handbag or rucksack and easy to store your other items around and even next to it.

Courtesy of H2osqd Ltd I was kindly given a water bottle with my initials personalised on it to take on my travels to work and staycation adventures.

H2osqd Ltd

Founder Cheski Kennedy Wallbank of H2osqd comes from Surrey and are passionate about vegan brands and carbon safe products.

Whilst travelling the world on her adventures working for celebrities on their yachts she loves to stay hydrated on the go but always struggled fitting the cylinder water bottles into her handbag or bag meaning she had to compromise most times by either carrying the water bottle in hand or switching her bag to a much larger one. So with this problem whilst during lockdown and not being able to travel the world she came up with her own design of an easy reusable water bottle which was flat, easily fits in most bags and easy to travel with on walks or travels.

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Let’s get snap happy in water – FujiFilm Camera ‘FinePix XP120’

I have never owned a waterproof camera or a FujiFilm camera so this was a challenge and a first for me.  I was thrilled when I was loaned one of their waterproof cameras the FujiFilm FinePix XP120 to test. Why did I get one to test? well that is because I needed a waterproof camera for several events that I was holding for bloggers from the community of Love Pop Ups – London as both are water based events (HotTug UK and Thames Rocket).  So I thought with me a blogger and others what a great way for us to try out and test a Fujifilm camera whilst giving some publicity.  Bear in mind though I usually don’t blog about gadgets I usually blog about restaurant’s, food, events and shows not gadgets.

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Rub-A-Dub-Dub – HotTug UK

HotTug UK is the first ever wood-fired HotTug company to open up here in England, London.  Tommo and Jack the owners of HotTug UK saw them in Holland and fell in love with them and so with that in mind they had to bring them to London. Each HotTug is hand made in Holland by Frank de Bruijn who is the inventor of the HotTugs.HotTug UK Tommo filling up the hottug

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