Taste Film

Love cinema?
Love great food?
Then you’ll love Taste Film

Then look no further as Taste Film you can experience both at the same time in a great surrounding with great atmosphere.

There are so many movies out their that show food amongst scenes making you hungry.  So Taste Film has managed to immerse you whilst you watch by merging the two elements together.

A very unique foodie London pop-up that happens throughout the year showing various movies and combing courses to movie scenes throughout.

To find out about their latest Taste Film showings click here.

Thanks to Taste Film who let some of the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to experience two of their unique Taste Film events (Sex in the City and Lost Boys).  Read all blogs/reviews from the comments section from below.


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Plus they love us

Taste Film



  1. Steve says:

    Last night I was invited by Taste Film to experience a fun night of film paired with food and drink, taking your favourite films and adding the sense of taste to the experience.
    On arrival at the beautiful 94 View, right on the riverbank in Putney we were quickly greeted and given a freshly made cosmopolitan cocktail. The venue perfectly matched the film of the night, Sex and the City, with a classy and airy vibe. You could easily imagine Carrie Bradshaw sitting around a table with her friends, having their newest handbags placed next to them sipping on the drink which had a perfectly sour tang. Continue reading here: https://neverfearnew.wordpress.com/2017/08/06/taste-film-sex-and-the-city/

  2. Henri says:

    This Halloween I got to try out Taste Film’s latest experience. An experience I urge you to give into.


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