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I love the community feel around it, I feel like I’ve met some really great people. It’s great for networking too and it’s also fun to do all this cool stuff in London that you wouldn’t get to do otherwise because maybe it’s too expensive or you have no one to go with when events are on etc x

Louise J

I love the opportunity to learn so much about my hometown!

Sunny K

I love LovePopUps London because it gives me the opportunity to do things that I otherwise won’t do and discovering things in the city I love! Love to see more to come!

Vi V

I love the amazing experiences I have shared with like-minded people (Hot Tug & Escape Games) as well as the constant source of info about new things to do in London

Lizzie W

I love the community best – it’s been great meeting you all! 😍

Katie H

In my mind the thing that truly sets love pop ups apart is the passion that you Joanne Mortlock bring to it and it makes people want to engage and be a part of it. So that’s my favourite thing about love pop ups, the amount of engagement from yourself and the community. Without that we wouldn’t have all these amazing opportunities.

Anna S

Hi Joanne! I love LovePopUps London as it makes me discover new things, meet new people and enjoy living in the big smoke. Thanks for all your hard work!

Armony B

So much to love about this community but the best would have to go to Jo for her never ending energy and passion into making this group grow so fast so strong in just 6 months. You bring us together and words can’t express how blessed I am to have known you and to call you my friend 🌺

Char S

I love how london pop ups opens up all the opportunities to experince this amazing place with fun and interesting activities 🙂

Ceri P

What I love best about Love Pop Ups is that it is a unique group that enables people from all walks of life to experience so many different things we would never ever have heard or know about if we are not part of this great community, and making new friends and sharing about it all too. It’s a great thing you have done here, brilliant idea, Joanne, and I really appreciate your hard work and enthusiasm and wish I had more time to participate in all that you offer. Thank you!

Mei S

The variety of experiences and events , the new friends. A very unique group which is constantly growing and so glad to be part of it!


Aww this is so lovely! I’m only a very recent member of the group and while I joined to try out new experiences so far I’ve actually enjoyed most the fact that I get to meet fellow Londoners who love to explore and try new things in the city as much as I do! Thanks for setting this group up and allowing like-minded people to meet while doing awesome things 🙂

Zarina R

I love the variety of events we get to take part in and especially recommending current, new things to others after we were able to discover these things through LPL.

Bianca W

I love the new experiances and people it has opened me up to

Kariss L

I love that this group helps me to explore even more of this wonderful city. I’m forever finding out about fun pop-ups I would never have heard about if it wasn’t for this group 🙂

Charlotte E

I love the variety of experiences that we get to try. Most of them I wouldn’t even know that it’s happening. It’s a great way to expand your experiences in the city. Bonus points you get to make new friends.

Jamie T

I love the way LovePopUpsLondon has enabled me to see London in so many amazing and different ways.

Henri R

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