The Adventure is Real

Do you love board games?
Do you love role play?
Do you love team work?
Then you’ll love The Adventure is Real.

The Adventure is Real brings adventurers role play games as well as for a limited time an online mission for budding agents.

Role play games

Are you brave enough to adventure to another world. Leave behind the mundane as you adopt the role of a daring hero in an epic adventure.

Will you choose to take on an adventure as a fighter, a wand-wielding wizard, the righteous cleric, a muscly barbarian, a thief or the bard?

Question is though can you solve the mysteries, overcome the obstacles, and return with glory and treasure in hand? Or will you fall by the wayside, defeated, dead, or worse, like so many who strive for greatness?

Gather between 3 – 6 adventurers, and enjoy a 3 hour immersive board game experience! but beware decisions you make, and the actions you take will result in either your victory or death.

Online mission

For limited time help Agent Venture defeat B.A.D. Corporation on a heist.

Become a secret agent team with your friends and execute a daring heist from the comfort of your own home.

With a live cast, and digital clues to guide you, all you need is a computer and phone to play online.

The game is played via Zoom and designed for four agents, but you can have a fifth to help with the coordination

Can you and your friends pull together to save the day and expose the crimes of an evil corporation?

Discover all via

Thanks to The Adventure of Real for inviting me and some other adventurous members of Love Pop Ups London down to take a mystical role gaming adventure through a cavern riddled with goblins. Plus for the hiring us as Agents to destroy the B.A.D. Corporation online.

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Role play game

Upon meeting the Hunter of Sleep though the fight was on we needed to stop it! It messed with our minds and made us think of our worst nightmares and fears but we soon defeated it with our team effects using our own individual character strengths.
March 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post

“As with most RPGs, we were free to make any decisions along the way, taking whatever route we wanted, interacting with the non-player characters in any way we saw fit.”
March 2020

Bianca blog post & Instagram post

“Although I did learn improv is definitely not my strong suit, I still enjoyed myself and at the end of the three hours was starting to get into the swing of things. So much so that I’m hoping to go back to try our luck at chapter two when all this is over.”
March 2020

Laura blog post & Instagram post

“I was playing Rollé the bard, an entertainer who’s one particular skill was to be able in insult someone to death! Powerful indeed.”
March 2020

Joice Instagram post

“I was a thief with acrobatic talents who refused to play by the rules!”
March 2020

Roshy Instagram post

Online Game

“The documents though provided to each agent were all very jam packed with information making it easy for them to take on their roles as Agents.”
April 2020

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post

“It’s a 30 minute zoom-hosted game for 4 players and costs about £10 per person. We certainly had a lot of fun hanging out with friends and trying to figure out the puzzles.”
April 2020 

Bianca Instagram post

“Enjoyed our first online gaming session with The Adventure is Real team, thanks to our gamesmaster Jason for guiding us through this.”
April 2020

Joice Instagram post

April 2020


April 2020


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