The Big London Bake

Do you love baking?
Do you love competition?
Then you’ll love The Big London Bake.

On the day each baker will be provided with all the key ingredients for the ultimate baking extravaganza which lasts 90 minutes. Whisking, rolling, drizzling, customising, creating will you be crowned the winner of The Big London Bake.

A great way to challenge and have fun with your friends, family, lovers or colleagues.

Just pick a date and time and get baking.

To book click here.

38 Tooting High Street
SW17 0RG


Thanks to The Big London Bake for letting some of us from Love Pop Ups London come down to BAKE! We of Love Pop Ups London loved it. Read our blogs/reviews from the comments below:

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  1. Steve says:

    If you ever wished that you could experience what it’s like to be in a tent, competing against other bakers in a technical challenge with your results being judged, and only having 90 minutes to complete…then your wish has come true. True to form as a certain channel 4 show, The Big London Bake is a fun night where you and other bakers have your skills put the test (with a lot of help thankfully) to create a delicious and well decorated bake. Read the rest here:

  2. Beth says:

    I had a fantastic evening at The Big London Bake for their First Bakes evening on behalf of Love Pop Ups London, I may not have found love but I did have a very sweet time! You can read more here: https/

    Beth x

  3. Katie G says:

    My friend and I recently participated in the Big London Bake and had a fab time! We had 90 minutes to create a Battenberg which was a tad nerve wracking! However, the staff were super helpful and we managed to get it all done on time. I was really impressed by the number of flavours and fresh ingredients available to choose from. The judging at the end was very nice and seemed very fair. I would definitely recommend for a couple’s date night or friend night out!

  4. Milena says:

    We went to the Big London Bake with my boyfriend for our anniversary and had so much fun! The theme of the month was Battenberg-style cake but they have a rotating theme so you can come back multiple times and still learn something new. Although we never bake usually, we managed to finish at the 3rd place and learnt a lot about baking! There are some tricky parts (like making sure the colour on your marzipan is spread evenly everywhere) but the master baker is here to help you and is super nice! Bring on the competition and show your friends that you can make the best cake! My review:

  5. Nancy Xu says:

    I watched many seasons of the Great British Bakeoff, and walking into this tent brings all the feels! We were here for the donut challenge and while this sounds like one of their easier challenges, 90min went by in a flash and I was constantly wondering if we are doing ok with time management. The creation corner had a lot of cool ingredients and we combo’d a fresh orange custard with chocolate glaze, and another dipped in rose water syrup. Watching the donuts rise in the oven, worrying about consistency of the chocolate glaze, making a mess of our work station all help me appreciate the amazing bakers I watch on the tele. I learned a lot about donut making in the process and the judges loved our classic and simple approach 🙂

    The tent is in the garden of the Castle – this is an absolutely beautiful bar with outdoor fireplaces and igloos, since the event starts at 8:30pm I recommend getting a drink here before.

  6. Jane says:

    Big London Bakes was a challenging night of fun of baking! Barely able to read a recipe I was pleased to have completed the task and have a blast doing it! Great date night idea!

  7. Paula Kanesanathan says:

    View this post on Instagram

    [GIFTED] Pretty impressed with our efforts @thebiglondonbaketooting tonight – a solid 2nd place with our cocoa cones with kiwi marshmallow, decorated with chocolate, blue sugar and dried papaya. Really appreciate the treat @lovepopupslondon – a great perk! Thanks @kasia_x00 for dragging us to 2nd despite my lack of talent or contribution! If you’re looking for a fun event, try this – hard work, but a lot of fun! #cocoa #cone #cocoacone #marshmallow #kiwi #kiwimarshmallow #bluesugar #chocolate #whitechocolate #papaya #corporateevents #hendoideas #lovepopupslondon #thebiglondonbake #tooting #gbbo #greatbritishbakeoff #bakeoff #bakeofftent #secondplace #london #thingstodoinlondon #londoninthesummer #bluedye #bluehands

    A post shared by vpk18 (@ifyouretiredoflondon) on Jul 3, 2019 at 12:47pm PDT

    The Big London Bake is a must if you’re a fan of The Great British Bake Off and ever fancied seeing what being in the tent would be like.

    The location is convenient as you’re right on the doorstep of Tooting Broadway and located in the back of a lovely pub, The Castle, which has loads of great outside space.

    The item all the bakers are aiming to make changes every month and we had marshmallow cones for our challenge. I would have probably preferred a cake, but it was exciting nevertheless.

    I now have a newfound appreciation for the bakers in GBBO as the pressure is intense and we weren’t even taking it that seriously!

    There’s a lot to do in a short space of time and it does get rather hectic. Good teamwork is definitely required.

    The team running the event were great and gave the right amount of support mostly. However, we had one friend who was alone and I did feel the organisers could have done more to help her during the bake.

    We did end up with a solid second place and I was very pleased with that result!

    All in all, a fun event and one I’d recommend. It would be a good option for hen dos, corporate events, birthdays etc.

  8. [Gifted] This evening I was welcomed down to @thebiglondonbaketooting by @lovepopupslondon to experience the big tent @britishbakeoff style.
    My lovely partner @kojostein and I made an epic pair as we went about creating Marshmallow Cones.
    We entered the big tent feeling rather confident but quickly our bake station resembled something that a two year would be likely to create as mess descended! I am pretty confident in saying that the reason i dislike children may, in fact, be because I essentially am one..!
    We tried hard and powered on through beading sweat and uncontrollable laughter to create 5 pretty good marshmallow cones and 3 deflated, delicious disasters.
    I will be posting a review on my blog very soon and I would love for you to check it out!
    Thank you so much @lovepopupslondon for the invite 😘
    #london #londonevents #londonreviews #reviews #popups #immersive #handson #baking #henparty #stagdo #wedding #bachelorette #date #dating #datenight

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