The Cauldron

The Cauldron has magically popped up in London.

The Cauldron is a magical immersion cocktail class experience which lasts 1 hr 45 min. Guests or witch’s and wizard’s will get to work their magic wands and molecular mixology to brew drinkable elixirs. After donning a robe and testing out their magic wands by pouring a draft of Four Cauldron beer guests/witch’s/wizard’s head on over to an interactive work station where you’ll prepare ingredients and conjure two cocktails that bubble, smoke, and change colour.

The witchery Four Cauldron beer is created by Fourpure Brewing Co. The beer was inspired by a witch/wizard most essential tool their magic wand. Four Cauldrons has a base of wand wood made out of oak and core of ingredients used in magical history of coriander, ginger, and vanilla. Guests will be able to get a Four Cauldron beer by using their own magic wand and experience this limited edition brew for themselves on the night.

Tickets are £29.99 and include our collaboration beer, two molecular cocktails and the interactive experience. Alcohol-free options are available.

Book before it vanishes for good by clicking here

Thanks to The Cauldron for letting some of us from Love Pop Ups London come down to magical learn how to make witchery cocktails. We of Love Pop Ups London loved it. Read our blogs/reviews from the comments below:


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  1. George says:

    Great fun night out! As soon as you enter the Cauldron tent in Elephant & Castle, you are in a new world! Your ticket entrance includes 3 potions/drinks and the experience lasts for 1h 40min. You are actually being sited in tables of 2 or 4 people with your friends, and choose 2 from the provided 3 potions from the menu. Then you are given all the ingredients to prepare them by yourself. Expect sparkls, fusions, magic moving beans in your drink and loads of fun! Excellent idea for coctails with friends!

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