The Grid

Do you love escape room type challenges?
Do you love immersive experiences?
Do you love cocktails?
Then you’ll love Lollipop’s newest venue The Grid

Entering through the doors of Neosight’s undercover the fight was on to corrupt their AI company as they are a big threat to humans: technology!

The experience involves some physical activity and may not be suitable for everyone. If you have questions, please call/email us and we can clarify.

Open Wednesday – Sunday

Costs £37

Includes 1 hour 30 mins of a shocking experience and two cocktails.  

2 Robinson Road,
Bankside Arches
London SE1 8BU

Book via clicking here.

Thanks to Lollipop for letting some of us of Love Pop Ups London take on The Grid.  Read our blogs/reviews from the comments section below.


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  1. Jamie T says:

    The Grid was an interesting immersive experience. Basically, you are undercover to take down AIDA (an intelligent AI) at Neosight. If I had to sum it up, it’s an escape room type experience that weaves 2 cocktails into the plot. The good part is that it caters to people who don’t drink alcohol and you’ll still enjoy the experience as much as the drinkers. The non-alcoholic cocktails were quite tasty. Also, there are quite a few elements of surprise. The setting looks quite convincing as you don’t have a timer counting you down to destroy AIDA. The last part was quite entertaining, it’s a bit of light hearted fun. Overall, I would say it was a pleasant experience.

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