The London Bridge Experience

Love the London Bridge Experience & London Tombs?
Love horror?
Love zombies?
Love dressing up and acting?
Then you’ll love The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs.

Within the London Bridge Experience you can learn the history of the gory things which happened in London before braving the London Tombs scare walk through.

Alternatively you can become a zombie for a day at this scare attraction for a price. During the day you’ll learn how to apply specialist FX make up and become a zombie in the vaults of London Bridge. Lunch is included including a T shirt and souvenir photo to take home at the end. On top of all that you will become a zombie and scare the general public in LIVE shows!

Tickets to visit The London Bridge & London Tombs can be purchased via The London Bridge Experience or on the gate.

The London Bridge Experience,
2-4 Tooley Street,
London Bridge,

At London Tombs me and another member of Love Pop Ups London we had the opportunity of  becoming a zombie for the day in 2018 and experienced their annual Halloween press event in 2019.

Check out our Instagram stories on their Halloween press event 2019 click here.

Discover more and read our write ups….

“It was then onto having a few lessons on how to be a zombie from the screeching like a zombie through to the zombie walk.  I think we both nailed it down to the tee as we both are zombie fans.”
Zombie for the Day – May 2018

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post

“Then we chose our costumes from a large selection of costumes organised into categories and areas of the experience. From here we went through the various rooms, alternating between learning the best scares to practising and real world scares on people. Seeing people react was a great thrill!”
Zombie for the Day – May 2018

Steve blog post & Instagram post

“Are you brave enough to step within the tombs and face your fears through The London Bridge Experience Phobophobia Halloween event?”
Phobophobia – October 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post

“It’s that time of year to welcome the undead, invite the scares and enjoy the frights! It’s my favourite holiday of the year, so I was in my element at Phobophobia, the new event The London Bridge Experience where they up the scares and become a full on scare house.”
Phobophobia – October 2019

Steve Instagram post

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