The London Dungeon

Love history?
Love being scared?
Love walking tours?
Then you’ll love The London Dungeon.

Step through a 90 minutes immersive walking tour back in time and experience 18 shows which are performed by 20 actors who will shock and surprise you all. Thanks to Prince Jaffery for royally inviting us to Dinner is Coming.  Open our individual blogs from the comments area below to read our views.

Question is will you be brave enough to step through the dungeons?

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Thanks to The London Dungeons for inviting me and some other members of Love Pop Ups London down for a horror historical tour like no other.

London Dungeons us

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“Stepping back into time through centuries before, we were treated to the sights, sounds and sometimes even smells of old London. This was a history lesson which is brought to life, but focusing on the most grim aspects of the capital’s past, such as it’s diseases, serial killers and cruel capital punishment methods.”
August 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post

“We were ushered through a variety of different rooms, experiencing the history of London up close, from the plague through the big London fire to the witch trials, there’s so much to see.”
August 2019

Bianca blog post & Instagram post

“You will be taken through time, where you will experience London in the plague, encounter with Jack the Ripper.”
August 2019

Joice blog post & Instagram post

“What better way to spend an afternoon than getting scared silly at The London Dungeon?”
August 2019

Louise blog post

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