The Vaults presents The Witches of Oz 2022

Love cabaret?
Love Wizard of Oz?
Love Witches?
Love immersive dining events?
Then you’ll love The Vaults latest production The Witches of Oz.

Get on your broomstick and head on down to The Vaults, pop over the rainbow, and skip down the yellow brick road to enjoy a night fall of goodness and wickedness. ​

This production of The Witches of Oz is an adult version of Wizard of Oz. 20 years Oz has changed but so has Dorothy and co. Dorothy is now known as Dor who is now non-binary, Tinman she is now known as Tin, Lion is pan-sexual, Scarecrow is seeking love and the Witches are still at feud with each other.

The Witches of Oz is colourful, outrageously silly, with a touch of goodness and wickedness.”

Running time 3 hours
Doors open at 6.30pm

Prices vary throughout the week
General Admission: £20 – £35
Dining Tickets: £45 – £59

Click here to book.

Thanks to Kieron the producer of The Witches of Oz and the marketing team for a night full of laughs and flavour. Read our blogs from the comments below:

Discover more and read our write ups.

“20 years on and the yellow brick road is under construction and things have changed.”
September 2022

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London Instagram post , tiktok & blog

“Doro-they is back in Oz to save the citizens from a frightful blizzard and political turmoil but all is not as it seems!”
September 2022

@squibbvicious Instagram reel

“The emerald city is under potential attack from the ‘blizzard of Oz’ who can come and save us? 20 years later … oh my is that Doro ‘they’ and her trusted crew???”
September 2022

@jojoexplora Instagram reel

“Citizens of the Emerald City! Your presence is requested at The Wonderful Feast of Oz. So don your green-est glam for the most wicked show of the year, as The Vaults returns with their newest, gravity-defying immersive night.”
September 2022

@thechroniclesofmrsiava Instagram reel

“Last week I followed the yellow brick road to The Vaults for a dinner-cabaret to see the Witches of Oz. Many years have passed in Oz, over the rainbow and beyond the binary, we met Tin, Lion, Scarecrow and Doro.”
September 2022

@wanderlustlynseyjane Instagram post

“A fun immersive drag dining experience all about rediscovering, embracing and accepting yourself for who you are.”
September 2022

@runawaywithrachel Instagram reel

“There are few very interesting twists in the plot with the main theme being Good vs. Wicked in a fierce battle to be crowned the next Witch of Oz!”
September 2022

@uktravelling Instagram reel

“Head down the yellow brick road & join Doro-they on their return to Oz!”
September 2022

@locatinglucy Instagram reel

“Witches Of Oz an amazing drag show, full of laughter and dirty jokes!”
September 2022

@wince.eats Instagram post

“If you fancy some great entertainment with food and drinks then I would recommend booking the tickets for the Witches of Oz.”
September 2022

@foodieprowie Instagram reel

“Are you curious to know what Oz looks like after Dorothy returned home?”
September 2022

@dieponfood Instagram reel

“This was so fun and is such a good evening out with friends!”
September 2022

@cookingwithcoco__ Instagram reel

“Come with me to watch Witches of Oz at the vaults! This was such an amazing immersive dining experience.”
September 2022

@bethaneatss Instagram reel

“After a few opening monologues we moved into the dining room, where the show continued while we were treated to the Feast of Oz, a further three courses of food! “
September 2022

@nyc_to_london Instagram reel

“The Witches of Oz is an 18+ LGBT cabaret show inspired by the much loved Wizard of Oz story.”
September 2022

@wheretoadventures Instagram reel

“This is definitely something to add to your list of things to do in London! Such a fun experience, loved it!”
September 2022

@eatwithlaki Instagram reel

“The Parody Show of the wizard of Oz is for over 18s and a wonderful showcase of the good the bad and indifferent.”
September 2022

@weoutside247reviews Instagram reel

“The Witches Of Oz is a glamorous, immersive and dragtastic show that combines two popular stories to create a whole new experience. With singing, dancing and delicious three course meal – all set within the quirky confines of The Vaults.”
September 2022

@formidablejoys Inatagram reel

“It was a battle of Good VS Evil to see who would be crowned the new Witch of Oz.”
September 2022

@tastesliketom Instagram reel

“Dorothy now is called Dor and identifies themselves as non-binary.”
September 2022

@patydantas8 Instagram reel

“The show was spectacular and very entertaining as always!!!! It was really engaging and kept us participants guessing what’s next.”
September 2022

@thenurseoffduty_london Instagram reel

“This was AMAZING. The actors were brilliant and honestly so funny. My cheeks hurt by the end of it.”
September 2022

@loulouexplores TikTok video

“Such a fun experience.”
September 2022

@faded_spring story post 

“A really fun night out.”
September 2022

@fittiefodmapldn Instagram post

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