Time Run by Lizzie Williamson (review)

Time Run really does take escape games to the next level! It certainly isn’t your usual escape room (i.e. solving puzzles to get out of 1 locked room) but, as described by themselves, is an immersive adventure game with great sets, fabulous actors and a well thought out story line.

Their newest game, The Celestial Chain, is even more out of this world with at least 5 rooms set over different time periods and only 12 minutes in each to solve a range of puzzles to find the artefacts to complete the game. The pressure is on!

It is designed for 3-5 players however is seriously tricky – with only 3 people you would definitely struggle to complete it. The rooms definitely range in terms of the different types of puzzles as well as the amount. Some only require 1 or 2 people and others need many more!

To be honest at the end I came out not really knowing whether we had “escaped” and felt a little disheartened with the amount of puzzles we had solved, however we were taken through the scoring system (not overly clear and a little too subjective for my liking!) and I started to reflect on what we had actually achieved and cheered up!

Overall a fantastic experience made so because of the immersive aspect as well as some very clever puzzles, a consistent story and a clear end goal. Honestly I think it is very pricey however would definitely recommend for a birthday or team building exercise.

Lizzie Williamson