Tomb Raider The Live Experience

Love Lara Croft?
Love escape rooms?
Love obstacle courses?
Then you’ll love Tomb Raider The Live Experience.

Do you think you have what it takes to be Lara Croft student to help her find missing relics?

Tomb Raider is like an escape room, obstacle course and immersive theatre rolled into one.

Take on this adrenaline adventure and discover many mysteries as you collect relics along the way.

  • Finland – search a cabin, solve puzzles and grab the relics on offer but be quick as a truck of baddies are on your tail.
  • Sinking Ship – smuggle on board via a cargo crate and rummage through the treasures on board but be quick as the ship is sinking.
  • Costan Rican Jungle – climb, run, jump, zip and swing your way through this dangerous jungle to get to the lost tomb.
  • The Tomb – adventure through an ancient tomb and battle it out with the enemy.

Question is have you got what it takes to restore balance and order to the world again or will it all come crashing down…?

Super Off-Peak – Weekday mornings & late evenings £66.00 pp
Off-Peak – Weekday mid-afternoon & early weekend mornings £77.00 pp
Peak – Thursday & Friday Midday and Weekends £88.00 pp
Super-Peak – Weekend Midday £99.00 pp

Teams of up to eight people can take part in the experience.

Tomb Raider The Live Experience
Stables Market

Book via

Thanks to Tomb Raider marketing team for the invite in where we discovered our inner Lara Croft.

Discover more and read our write ups from below:

Spanning over 2,787 sq m starting at Croft Manor we learnt about the lost relics and went on a mission to help Lara.”
Tomb Raider – May 2022

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London Instagram post & reel and blog post

“Living out a childhood dream of being Lara Craft.
Tomb Raider – May 2022

@squibbvicious Instagram reel

“ Imagine the most highly detailed escape room you’ve ever been to mixed with an assault course and you’ll be somewhere on the right lines to understand how fun this is!
Tomb Raider – May 2022

@kariss182 Instagram post

“Have you got what it takes”
Tomb Raider – May 2022

@mylondontimes Instagram reel

“An action packed, interactive and immersive experience that involves thinking like Lara Croft.
Tomb Raider – May 2022

@vegangirl_diary Instagram post

“Guided by live actors, you get to channel your inner Lara Croft by solving escape room style puzzles to collect lost relics and outsmart the enemies.”
Tomb Raider – May 2022

@wheretoadventures Instagram reel

“There was puzzle solving, zip lining, crawling, army style training, and my favourite of all: the trust fall. Trust me, it’s a thrill!
Tomb Raider – May 2022

@neverfearnew Instagram post

“Think escape room but with extreme challenges.
Tomb Raider – May 2022


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