Love escape rooms?
Love playing as a team?
Then you will love Trapped.

Trapped runs escape rooms with a difference as they have live actors and each are heavy on story and set within an unusual place.

Trapped in a Prison Van – Test your skills in an authentic prison van which is refurbished to create the ultimate prison break experience. FIND OUT MORE

Trapped in a room with a zombie – Avoid a hungry zombie who is chained to a wall but every minute counts as the chain gets longer and longer. Use your brains to save your brains before 60 minutes is up and the zombie is released! FIND OUT MORE

Trapped Undercover – Become an undercover agent as you explore an MI6 surveillance van, where you will have all of MI6’s resources at your fingertips. FIND OUT MORE

With 3 escape room experiences to choose from, there’s an adventure waiting for you at Trapped.

LPUL members played Trapped in a Prison Van and they loved it as they donned on their orange prison suits and got locked in a van.

Thanks to Trapped for allowing a team of LPUL members an experience of being trapped in a van.

Discover more and read our write ups.

I enjoyed this escape room and I would say the difficultly level is medium to hard. “
May 2023

@wheretoadventures Instagram reel

“Are you a fan of escape rooms
May 2022

eatdrinkandvibe Instagram reel

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