Very Lazy with Sally Bee at 52 Cookery School

Love saving time?
ve quick easy healthy ingredients?
Then you’ll love Very Lazy

Then Very Lazy is for you.

Nutritionist and TV presenter Sally Bee shared some lazy tips on healthy breakfasting at 52 Cookery School in where she taught and made dishes such as spicy eggs and beautiful little smoothie bowls using Very Lazy’s pre-chopped and prepared chilli, garlic, lemongrass and ginger along with others.

Very Lazy believes that home cooking should be an adventure – an exciting, full flavoured exploration of the wonderful variety of foods from all over the world.

Very Lazy knows that preparing great ingredients can be time consuming and messy. So they thought there had to be a better way and that’s when they came up with their products.

Very Lazy peels, chops, slices and dices the very best ingredients, then stores the them in jars or tubes.

They take away the hard work, so you can enjoy all the rewards and fun of cooking at home saving time and still giving great flavour.

Vi was one of the lucky bloggers from the community of Love Pop Ups – London to go along and learn more about Very Lazy products and how to use the products to there full potential. 

Thanks to Very Lazy for letting one of the members of Love Pop Ups London community come down to experience your a unique cookery class and learning about Very Lazy products.

very lazy

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I do not like buying breakfast. Where most cafeterias offer the same sort of hot toast, too often concluded with a disgruntled sandwich from a slap dash jam or a smear of spread, has put me off wanting to pay for my breakfast. When I knew I was not a morning person, and also do not like to have the same breakfast everyday, breakfast became quite a challenge to be creative and satisfying.

Hence, when I was invited to Very Lazy and Sally Bee’s breakfast cook along, I immediately accepted. Speedy, nutritious, hot breakfast means no more cranky mornings for me!
September 2017

Vi blog post

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