WeFiFo – Islington Boat Club Supperclub by Steve Peca

Being a huge foodie, I was more than thrilled to trial WiFiFo and to see what it’s all about. One of the founders, Jon, was nice enough to chat me through the site and where the idea came from. Basically, it’s best described as the Airbnb of the dinner table. Inspired by the fact that some people go night after night eating alone, they can now invite others into their home to share a dinner at a small cost.

Booking using the site was super easy, you can log in via your Facebook account (or an email), and then you’re asked about some of your interests related to food and eating. It was painless.
From here you can search for events in your area. I went to two, both had completely different menus and venues, but we similar in that the food was great and my fellow diners were friendly at both.


My first night was a curry night cooked by Ronnie Murray, who was a chef featured on the TV show a Great British Bake. Talent was in the house (or in this case, a floating house), and it was obvious from the food. Starting with a mashed salmon on thin breads which was alright, but things got great with the mains. Delicious chicken curry and sweet potato curry made from his special curry spice, and an brilliant pekora. Both were some of the best I have ever had. Water was served and the event was BYOB so you could bring whatever you liked. Dessert was a real treat with ‘Grandma Murray’s raspberry milk jelly’. This was my first time having a milk jelly, and I absolutely loved it.
My second event was An immersive Theatrical Banquet at The Round Chapel : St.Patrick or The Pagans? This was an epic St. Paddy’s evening where we drank some Guinness (and a lot of wine), did some Irish dancing (okay it probably wasn’t authentic, but I tried), met some really fun people, ate some amazing food (Guinness and Beef Irish Stew, Colcannon, Buttered Kale, Parsnip Crisps) and watched an impressive show. Oh and they had one of the best harp/singers I have ever heard! Overall, the sound system could have been better as it was hard to hear the show, and sadly the diners seemed uninterested. The cast were fantastic and kept to character while getting us in the mood.
At both events, I met a wide range of people from all ages, backgrounds and careers. This was the best part of these events; sitting at a table with complete strangers who are all there for the purpose of a nice meal with others. In a city where taking to strangers is so discouraged, it was nice to be in an environment where it was completely accepted.
These were my first events booked through WeFiFo, but won’t be my last!
Steve Peca


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