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Joanne Mortlock

I am the founder/creator of Love Pop Ups London who has a passion for writing, exploring, gaining companies exposure and bringing people together!

I started Love Pop Ups London late 2016 and now have over 450 community members from bloggers, reviewers, vloggers and Instagrammers which some join me on many adventures throughout the year.

On Love Pop Ups London I only ever include write ups about restaurants, bars, shows, immersive events, escape rooms, hotels, cookery classes, nautical experiences, sporting activities, launch/press nights and pop ups which I feel are worth a visit.  I do not believe in negative publicity.

We all of Love Pop Ups London love what we do and we are always excited to meet different business owners, understand their strategy and help gain them exposure via attending any type of offering!

My other passion in life are cruises, so much so that I created a blog all about my travels. The blogs are written like a diary of what I got up to on my cruise holiday day by day.  Read about my cruise experiences via lovecruisesworldwide.com


Laura Clinch    

I have attended many opportunities throughout the past two years with Love Pop Ups London as a blogger and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the events that I’ve been to making some great friends through it too.  I am now part of the admin team to help co-ordinate and discover many new events for the community to enjoy as Love Pop Ups London has grown substantially since starting out back in 2016.

In my life outside Love Pop Ups London I am a copywriter and lifestyle blogger.  I love eating out, sports, and spending time with family and friends.  My favourite thing about blogging writing, taking photos, meeting new people and discovering new places in London which I didn’t even know existed! You can read more about me and my blogs at lojovstheworld.co.uk.
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Contact us direct at lovepopupslondon@gmail.com or either of us directly  at joanneoflpul@gmail.com or lauraoflpul@gmail.com 

What is Love Pop Ups London community

Love Pop Ups London is a blog site for all those who love to help gain companies exposure, write, take photos, make new friends and discover places within London.

To discover all the places which various bloggers, reviewers, vloggers and Instagrammers have had the pleasure of attending to promote click on the community tab and relevant sub-sections.

I keep the community regularly updated via the Facebook group about any latest new popped up businesses such as restaurants, supperclubs, bars, events, exhibitions, hotels, immersive experiences, escape rooms, new theatre shows and pop up’s.

NOTE: All write ups by us or the community are always our own honest opinion as we think this is the best policy.  Plus these T&C’s are required to be met by all community members who go on any opportunities. 

JOIN THE COMMUNITY https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovepopupslondon/

Work with us

We can highlight your services, provide guest posts, advertising, organise giveaways, attend experiences & press related opportunities and blog about them to help spread the word to the wider world and so much more.

All write ups by us or the community are always our own honest opinion as we think this is the best policy.

How can we as a community help promote your place/event for free and gain you further exposure?

In return for free press/blogger opportunities we are more than happy to come along with some others on a free complimentary basis from yourself to blog, review and/or vlog about your place/event.  We will all write up about our time afterwards (usually within 10 days) on this site, their own blog pages and over various other social media channels such as Instagram reaching many thousands of people all over the world gaining you exposure.  Any opportunities we do get given on a complimentary experience and attend to review we will always disclose by stating in our write ups.

Any opportunities given to us we usually post out on the closed Love Pop Ups London Facebook group to give everyone a chance to put their name forward for the opportunity.  The people who have entered who are interested in the opportunity will either be drawn randomly, picked based on their following or can be selected by yourself.

Read testimonial statements from some of the clients we have helped and community members. 

Latest opportunities for community members

From time to time on the dedicated Love Pop Ups London Facebook group there are numerous gifted/promotional opportunities posted out for bloggers, reviewers and Instagram users to enter for a chance to attend.  Click here to read the T&C’s in entering any opportunity.

Who we have reviewed for  


ABQ, A Door in a Wall, Afrobeats & Brunch, AftermathAgent November, Aim Escape, Air China, A Lad in Soho, Alice Adventures Underground, Alice in Winterland, An Evening of Meat, Anvio, Archery Fit, Backyard CinemaAlcotraz, Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N, Ballie Ballerson DalstonBaillie Ballerson ShoreditchBar + Block SteakhouseBBC Good Food Show – Feast, Beauty and the FeastBite Me BurgerBompas & Parr: 10 Anniversary PartyBompas & Parr: Rotten to the Core, Bompas & Parr: Lost Lagoon, Bollywood Brunch, Bowie ExperienceBreakin Escape Rooms, British Movie Tours, BuckBucK Games, Bullshit Tours, Cake Bake ShowCanape Box, Christmas at London Zoo, Circus, Clue TraceclueQuest, Cookery School, COLAB, Cottons Rhum Shack ShoreditchCottons Rhum Shack Vauxhall, DabbersDC Exhibition, Death of the King, Devour Tesco FinestDinner Time Story, Dinos in the Wild, Divine Proportions, Dona Rita Pão de Queijo, Dotdot Somnai, DNA VR, East Village LondoneasyJet Sprinkles CafeEscape Land, Escape LondonEscape MobileEscape Plan Battle of Britain, Escape Plan An Adventure Begins, Escape Rooms, Exit Productions: Revolution, Firebrand PizzaFaulty Towers, Flip OutFoodie Festival, Fords Gin, For King and Country, Fresh Thinking Cafe by Hotpoint, Funicular Productions Murder Express, Fun Times, Gin Festival, Gingerline, GoBoatHalal FestivalHandmade MysteriesHard Rock Café, Hesters, Hidden Spirits, Hint HuntHotTugIdeal Home ShowImmerCity Inkwell Investigations, Jacobs Crackers pop up, Jurassic Kingdom, Komnata Quest, KrakenLagunitas Circus, Lantern Ghost Tours, Las BanderasLittle Havana, LolpopsLondon Drawing, London Escaped, London Tombs, Lost BoysMadhni Magician at The Vaults, Magical Lantern Christmas ThemeMagical Lantern Silk Road, London Escaped, Made in HackneyMensa, Merlin Events, Mind the Game, Miss Nightingale at the HippodromeMiss Nightingale at the VaultsMission Breakout, Moonshine Saloon, Modern Fables, Mostly Harmless, Mr Foggs, Near and Far, No Escape, Old Chang Kee, Omescape, Omni Collective, Only Fools, Parabolic Theatre, Pasta n Play, Pasta EvangelistsPediBus London, Pepes Kitchen, Piano WorksPierre Marcolini, Pie Minister, Pitch Black, Pivaz, Pop Up ScreenPop Up Opera, PopUp Painting, Predator Adventures, Propa TeaPurezza, Reggae Brunch, Rivoli, Rojak, Rooftop Film Club, Rotorino London, Salty Studio Sanctum Soho Hotel, Scripts Supper, Sea Creatures, Sea Life London Aquarium, Secret AdventuresSecret CellarSecret Theatre, SimmonsSocial Fun and Games, Sounds and Sorcery, South Pole Saloon, Supperclub TubeStar Wars Exhibition, Tamashii LondonTaste FilmTaste of London, Taste of Christmas, Thames Rocket, The Avenue School of CookeryThe Big London Bake, The Cauldron, The Chocolate Show, The Grift, The Grand Little Shop of Horrors, The Great Gatsby, The Grid, The Jam Shed Supper Club, The Listing, The Real GreekThe Spirit Show, Time Run, Three Little BirdsThe Wedding Reception, Queens Bowling & Ice SkatingUmbrella Brewing, Up at the O2, Variant 31, Very LazyVenerdi, WeFiFo, VIVI Restaurant, WhitechapelWinterand Fulham, Yen Burger, Zip World

Guest posts and advertising 

We are also open to posting out over our channels on anything which we feel is related to what we of Love Pop Ups London love to help gain exposure for via guests blogs, guest social media posts out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and advertising on our website (main home page/side bar).  Any guest post blog posted on Love Pop Ups London website will have a tag stating guest post and stated at the end of the blog.


Want to invite us down to your opening/press night,
looking for bloggers/reviewers to write up about your place,
want us to advertise for you, or anything else
then please feel free to contact either of us
via email at
or directly at
 or lauraoflpul@gmail.com


Any products and services given to us to blog / review about are always our own honest opinions and never biased.

Click here to see where Love Pop Ups London is advertised.



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