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What is Love Pop Ups London community

We are a community that consist of bloggers, vloggers, reviewers, Instagrammers and Tweeters who all are passionate about new popped up businesses from restaurants to shows in London. We also love helping promote products that are owned and run by small teams or are family run.

We also regularly keep the community updated via the Facebook group with any latest new popped up businesses such as restaurants, supperclubs, bars, events, exhibitions, hotels, immersive experiences, escape rooms, new theatre shows and pop up’s that we come across.

We are passionate about the new pop up culture and the diversity in businesses and abundance of experiences that it provides from the wide range of events, food and shows to the community of the people that have come together with the same desire for new experiences as ourselves.  The explosion in events and venues over the last few years is disrupting the old business models of stale, unchanging options available to consumers.

Founder Joanne Mortlock

Work with us


We can highlight your services, organise giveaways, provide advertising, attend experiences & press related opportunities and blog about them to help spread the word to the wider world and so much more.

How can we as a community help promote your business?

As a community we can attend your new or rebranded place or event on a promotional / press related experience and in return afterwards we will write up about our time on this site, our blog pages and over various other social media sites reaching many thousands of people all over the world.

Contact the founder Joanne Mortlock or co-helper Regina Kenney
Love Pop Ups London admin via email at

Twitter: @LovePopUpsLond
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Whom we have reviewed for

Venues me and / or the community of Love Pop Ups London have written blogs / reviews for:

ABQ, A Door in a Wall: Dead Drop, A Door in a Wall: Dead Mans Hand COMING SOON, Aftermath, Agent November, Alice Adventures Underground, An Evening of Meat, Backyard Cinema, Alcotraz, Ballie Ballerson Dalston, Baillie Ballerson Shoreditch, Bar + Block Steakhouse, BBC Good Food Show – Feast, Beauty and the Feast, Best London Walks COMING SOON, Bite Me Burger, Bompas & Parr: 10 Anniversary Party, Bompass & Parr: Rotten to the Core, Breakin Escape Rooms, British Movie Tours COMING SOON, Cake Bake Show, Canape Box, Clue Trace, clueQuest, Co Lab Theatre, Co Lab: Loot, Cottons Rhum Shack Shoreditch, Cottons Rhum Shack Vauxhall, DC Exhibition, Death of the King, Dinner Time Story, Dona Rita Pão de Queijo, East Village London, easyJet Sprinkles Cafe, Escape Land, Escape London, Escape Mobile, Escape Plan, Escape Rooms, Exit Productions: Revolution, Faulty Towers, Flip Out, Foodie Festival, Gin Chronicles Cruise COMING SOON, Gin Festival, Gingerline: Chamber of Flavours V2, Gingerline: Chamber of Flavours V3 COMING SOON, GoBoat, Halal Festival, Handmade Mysteries, Hard Rock Café, Hesters, Hint Hunt, HotTug, Ideal Home Show, ImmerCity: Silhouette in the Smoke, Inkwell Investigations, Jacobs Crackers pop up, Jurassic Kingdom, Komnata Quest, Little Havana, Lolpops, London Drawing, London Tombs COMING SOON, Madhni Magician at The Vaults, Magical Lantern Christmas Theme, Magical Lantern Silk Road, Mensa, Mind the Game, Miss Nightingale at the Hippodrome, Miss Nightingale at the Vaults, Mission Breakout, Modern Fables, No Escape, Omni Collective, Parabolic Theatre, PediBus London, Piano Works, Pierre Marcolini, Pitch Black, Pop Up Screen, Pop Up Opera, Predator Adventures, Reggae Brunch COMING SOON, Rivoli, Rooftop Film Club, Rotorino London, Sanctum Soho Hotel, Sea Creatures COMING SOON, Secret Cellar, Secret Theatre, Simmons, Social Fun and Games, South Pole Saloon, The Spirit Show, Star Wars Exhibition, SupperClub Pepe Kitchen, Taste Film, Taste of London, Taste of Christmas, Thames Rocket, The Chocolate Show, The Grift, The Grand Little Shop of Horrors, The Listing, Time Run, The Wedding Reception, Queens Bowling & Ice Skating, Umbrella Brewing, Very Lazy, WeFiFo, Whitechapel, Winterland Fulham, Zip World


Any products and services given to us to blog / review about are our own honest opinions and never biased.

Read the testimonials from the community at https://lovepopupslondon.com/testimonials/

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