Six by Nico London 6 weeks only Cooking New York

Six by Nico London in Charlotte Street from 19 October to 29 November will be delighting and transporting city lovers and food fanatics for six weeks through a six course tasting menu full of big tastes of New York. So hop on the subway and have your taste buds be transported to New York’s Central Park to Little Italy. You’ll get to enjoy New Yorker favourites from Buffalo Chicken Wing to Smoked Flat Iron, and be tantalised at the end with a bite of The Big Apple.

Third time around I have had the pleasure of attending and taking a bite of their newest six course tasting menu which is all based on food of New York.

Their first themed menu when they opened back in July was The Chippie which was all about Fish and Chips but with a twist and the second theme was on Childhood which took food we all grew up and loved as a child to our plates with a fun twist.

Six by Nico London

Nico Simeone whom is a Scottish chef learned his trade at Michelin-starred Number One at Balmoral before opening the much vaunted 111 in Glasgow before moving into the bistro game himself in March 2017 with his first restaurant Six by Nico in Glasgow his home town. Within a year, he launched a sister restaurant in Edinburgh. 2019 Nico added four more Six by Nico restaurants to his portfolio one in Belfast, Manchester, another in Glasgow and one in Liverpool. Now he brings Six by Nico to London with further plans of popping up with potentially one in Dublin, and a second in London.

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Whittard Chelsea Hot Chocolate Halloween treat

To celebrate this Halloween, Whittard Chelsea have bought out a few scarily good hot chocolates. Forget candy, treat yourself, get cosy, and toast up an eerie mug of indulgent hot chocolate.

Courtesy of Whittard I was gifted PR samples of their limited edition Halloween hot chocolates to enjoy at home.

Whittard Chelsea

Walter Whittard back in the 19th century at the age of 17 he took on a job with a tea trader in London’s bustling city centre. Eight years later he opened up his own shop W.H. Whittard in the bustling Fleet Street, with a simple philosophy to ‘buy the best’. Walter insisted on blending his tea and roasting his coffee on site. It wasn’t long before Walter started to make a name for himself.

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H₂O² hydrate on the go

Have you ever adventured out and had difficulty fitting a bottle of water in your bag, and potentially end up busting the zip? Then fear not anymore as H2osqd Ltd sell water storage bottles that are square and flat making it easy to fit in your bag, be it a handbag or rucksack and easy to store your other items around and even next to it.

Courtesy of H2osqd Ltd I was kindly given a water bottle with my initials personalised on it to take on my travels to work and staycation adventures.

H2osqd Ltd

Founder Cheski Kennedy Wallbank of H2osqd comes from Surrey and are passionate about vegan brands and carbon safe products.

Whilst travelling the world on her adventures working for celebrities on their yachts she loves to stay hydrated on the go but always struggled fitting the cylinder water bottles into her handbag or bag meaning she had to compromise most times by either carrying the water bottle in hand or switching her bag to a much larger one. So with this problem whilst during lockdown and not being able to travel the world she came up with her own design of an easy reusable water bottle which was flat, easily fits in most bags and easy to travel with on walks or travels.

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A&S Home & Kitchen make your home sweet home stylish

With us all being at home lately enjoying our home sweet home comforts thanks to A&S Home & Kitchen you can make it that extra stylish with their luxury quality products great for the bathroom to the kitchen.

They sell a wide range of products from cookery utensils to fairy lights to brighten up your house and I chose to buy this classy automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.

Why a dispenser? as at this present time it is very important for us to all keep washing our hands to prevent the spread of Covid 19 and other germs.

A&S Home & Kitchen

A&S Home & Kitchen sell a range of products and brands which are built to change lives.

All their products are stylish, handy and high in quality all which are useful and makes your home classier.

A&S Home & Kitchen pimped up my bathroom

Say goodbye to soap and hello to A&S Home & Kitchen sanitizer dispenser. With washing hands becoming even more important during this pandemic of Covid 19 bling up your bathroom or kitchen with A&S Home & Kitchen luxury and quality hand sanitizer dispenser.

Why is it though important to wash your hands even more regularly than often? Well with Covid 19 hitting the world it has become more important as to help stop the spread of the deadly disease.

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SXOLLIE single varietal cider

I am a cider drinker and I could drink it all day, and even more so now after enjoying SXOLLIE ciders as they are so delicious. They produce three single varietal ciders which means they only use one type of apple per bottle. To me cider is better than beer as cider it is much lighter than beer. Beer is made from malted barley whilst cider is made from fermented apple juice making it less gassy and easier to drink.

On a PR basis I was kindly given their variety of cider to taste at home.


Founded in 2014 Laura & Karol lovers of cider set up and pioneered their own cider company. They wanted to make cider more than your first drink of summer but your first drink of the night and any time of year. 

They produce clean refreshing cider from apples we all know and love (Golden Delicious, Granny Smith & Cripps Pink) giving that taste of apples, not just the sugar as their ciders are single varietal ciders. SXOLLIE single varietal cider means only one type of apple is used per bottle.

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Kung Fu Mama Taiwan noodles at home

With so many ready to cook noodles within supermarkets it can be difficult to choose especially as most are not that nice to be honest. However Kung Fu Mama has changed my mind as their noodles are unlike any other on the market as their noodles, sauce and dehydrated vegetables have NO artificial colours, NO preservatives, NO palm oil and are suitable for vegetarians.

Treated a complimentary PR sample I could discover for myself how different Kung Fu Mama noodles are and they certainly did not disappoint and made me look at pre packed noodles in a different light.

Kung Fu Mama

Kung Fu Mama launched in 2009 within Taiwan. The principle for the brand was and remains to produce great tasting, high quality and authentic Taiwanese cuisine for people who love food.

Their range includes noodles, sauces and cooking kits and today not only is Kung Fu Mama the leading food brand in Taiwan, it’s taste of Taiwan products are now enjoyed all over the world.

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The Little Pasta Company fresh pasta delivered to your door

What is pasta without the right sauce? check out these tasty fresh homemade pasta dishes which The Little Pasta Company make and sell for home delivery.

I am a lover of pasta and discovering The Little Pasta Company was a true delight as they sell a range of pasta dishes suitable for vegan and meat eaters as well as Italian side dishes and oils.

Gifted on a courtesy basis I was sent a PR pasta cookery kit to cook and taste thanks to The Little Pasta Company.

The Little Pasta Company

Founded 2020 The Little Pasta Company in Surrey is run by husband and wife team, Daniel and Anouska.  They produce at home fresh handmade pasta meal kits which all can be easily cooked and enjoyed at home. All the meal kits come with an instruction card along with all the ingredients you need to make a quick and delicious Italian meal, literally within just 5 minutes.

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Azaline Vermouth uses botanicals from the ancient Silk Road

The secret of happiness is variety, but the secret of variety, like the secret of all spices, is knowing when to use it and Azaline Vermouth certainly knew how. Azaline Vermouth is married with a variety of spices taking your taste buds on a journey of sweet, spice delights from the ancient Silk Road.

I was given on a courtesy basis a PR sample of Azaline Vermouth to try at home and wow I was highly impressed.

Azaline Vermouth

Within France since 1874 Gabriel Boudier, and his family have been making premium vermouth using botanicals from the ancient Silk Road, including saffron from Persia which is worth more in weight than gold.

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Mucca Cambridge luxury beef wellingtons to enjoy at home

Upon venturing out and about beef wellington is always a luxurious dish that many couples opt for when on a special date as it can be shared and is a luxury treat making any date night special. However with the fear of Covid 19 many people are tending to stay in but that does not mean date nights and celebrations need to come to a halt. Make your night special with your loved ones and order one of Mucca luxury beef wellingtons. You will be impressed and not miss going out at all after eating this luxurious beef wellington.

Courtesy of Mucca I was gifted a beef wellington which serves 2 to enjoy at home.

Mucca Cambridge

Mucca is all about delivering the ultimate perfect luxurious beef wellington to enjoy at home.

They produce fresh beef wellingtons which come in 3 different sizes making them a perfect dinner option for all occasions but ideal for date night or a special celebration.

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A look back at September 2020

This month I have enjoyed numerous products to enjoy at home and even managed to pop into London this month to dine and enjoy an experience a chilled self drive along the canals of London. All opportunities given to me and community members are all on a complimentary PR basis.

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