The Choir of Man

Love theatre?
Love pubs?
Love beer?
Love listening to real musical instruments?
Love upbeat music?
Love mingling with cast?
Love having a laugh?
Love free beer and crisps?
Then you’ll The Choir of Man which is full of music and laughter as you listen and watch a group of men on stage in a pub speaking about their life and singing and playing musical instruments to classic songs which they love.

The Choir of Man is the best pub in the world…which is on stage.

The Choir of Man is produced by Immersive Everywhere, Nic Doodson, Andrew Kay, Wendy & Andy Barnes and AK Theatricals.

The men change on occasion bringing new life stories and entertainment. September performers included

@adambayjou @michelemariabenvenuto @andrewj_carter @_samebenezer @bengoffe @lukeconnerhall @michaelhamway @tmiles_ @danielharnett4 @jay_jamesleehudson @peterlawrence93 @niallwoodson @markirwinirishtenor who are a wildly talented group of incredible instrumentalists, world-class wordsmiths, and sensational singers.

The show is an uplifting celebration of community and friendship. They tell stories, bring laughter to the stage and sing classic by such artists Queen, Luther Vandross, Sia, Paul Simon, Adele, Guns & Roses, Avicii and Katy Perry to name but a few.

Throughout the night they also give away free beer and throw out beer mats, and crisps to those who are lucky enough to grab a pack.

Arts Theatre

Running Time 90 minutes, no interval

Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm
Friday to Sunday at 3.30pm

Tickets from £20 subject to performance availability and booking fee

Book via

Thanks to The Choir of Man PR for inviting me down again and some members from LPUL Club to experience the new batch of boys which thrilled us with their vocal performances and energy.

Discover more and read our full write ups….

“Choir of Man is one of my favourite shows and I just had to return for a second time with my friends. Me and my friends we enjoyed a pint or two on stage with a few of the men and other audience goers.”
September 2023

@lovepopupslondon Instagram post and reel

“Come and spend 90 minutes with these talented performers Anna enjoy the music, their stories and if you are lucky be part of it too!”
September 2023

@jojoexplora Instagram reel

“Choir of Man is like hanging out with an old friend and having a sing song!”
September 2023

@wanderlustlynseyjane Instagram reel

“A kind of the musical you probably haven’t been before? Have you been able to enjoy a pint of beer on the stage with the musical cast before the performance?”
September 2023

@uktravelling Instagram reel

“What a night with the girls.”
September 2023

@diepenfood Instagram reel

“From the ability to go on stage and chat with the cast, to joining in for sing alongs and getting a cheeky pack of crisps thrown at you in between.”
September 2023

@maphermiles Instagram reel

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