ABQ Bar 2018

Love making cocktails?
Love Breaking Bad?
Then you’ll love ABQ Bar.

This very  unique ABQ Bar is set in a RV. This is where you will get to cook and get high with Skinny Pete and Badger. You will be working with W.W molecular techniques to cook cocktails and then YO, drink em. Acids, alcohol, sudo, load of highness and other stuff provided.

Loving sound of this? Then be warned as booking is required in advance to experience this sensational eye popping experience.

To find out more about ABQ click here.

Which cocktails would you make?


Thanks to ABQ who let me and other community members from Love Pop Ups London come down to cook with cocktails.  Read our blogs/reviews from the comments section below.

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  1. Steve says:

    The venue is a trailer in an East London car park which is perfect to set the mood. When you enter, you change into your protective suite which ensures safely for your ‘cooking’ aka cocktail making science. The goggles and mouth masks make for great photos, along with the neon light decorated interior which is compact but accommodating. Fans of the show Breaking Bad will recognise the nods to the show, and non viewers like me will enjoy the work put into it all.
    Read the rest here: https://neverfearnew.wordpress.com/2018/03/18/abq/

  2. feedlivi says:

    Like breaking bad? Fancy trying out cooking and wanna stay legal, then head to ABQ London. Based on the hit show Breaking bad, Abq let’s you create cocktails using test tubes, liquid nitrogen and frozen ice.

    On arrival, you are given a yellow boiler suit to get into, before you can begin cooking. Once you’ve got it on and you had the all important safety demonstration then you’re good to go. The warm up is a gin based cocktail which comes in a test tube glass with a shrine containing alcohol for you to insert.

    Following that you can choose from the menu, what you’d like to cook. I went for a blow which involved cutting lines of a white substance.. no idea what that could be haha and then a cup with a super strong alcoholic flavour which you could change the flavour with different test tubes. I also had a chance to blow bubbles when I made an espresso martini with tequila, which was quirky and insanely good!!

    Such a fun evening and it felt just like being in a quirky badass lab!! Couldn’t recommend a visit more often, in fact I’m already planning a trip to the Manchester branch when it opens.

  3. Daniel Fernandes says:

    Fantastic evening of ‘cooking’ cocktails at ABQ London. Everything from the Breaking Bad RV Van, to the decor inside to being led through how to make cocktails to the kick ass Hip Hop music was ace. Thoroughly recommend the experience with a big group of mates. See more photos and videos from my Instagram page (@thinkingfood247):


  4. Thirsty Londoner says:

    Had a great time channeling my inter Walter White at ABQ London’s Breaking Bad caravan in East London! If you like smoke, bubbles, foam, and of course cocktails, grab a group of mates and go be your own mad scientist here! See more photos and vids from my insta (@thirstylondoner) here:


  5. Ceri says:

    This is a bitching event for anyone that loves cocktails,chemistry and breaking bad!

    Its all set in a trailer just like Jessie and Walts first adventures in the desert when they first started cooking.

    It all starts with the basic health and safety information on how to use the dry ice and the gas canisters then you get your welcome drink made out of rum (it really dose not taste like rum tho).

    You then pick your first cocktail you want to cook, some of them require 2 or 4 people to pick the same drink in the group but if you all like these they are worth doing as they are quite impressive when they are all put together.

    You then pick your 2nd cocktail and cook this one.

    The dry ice and gas canisters are all very impressive and fun and create amazing cocktails.

    The 32.50 fee is a great deal for the 3 cocktails you get with the experience aswell,the cocktails are also quite strong so its good to have some food before hand.

    You can then stay for some more drinks after if the table is not needed (these are under your own account and you need to pay for these on the night).

    A great place for a date as its fun,interactive and not a massive venue,its also quite load with great music (alot of NWA and rap.
    Its also great for big groups.

    Thanks to ABQ and love london popups for this great expeience!

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