Dabbers Social Bingo

Love Bingo?
Love music?
Love performances?
Love comedy?
Then you’ll love Dabbers.

Dabbers is the UK’s first contemporary venue purposefully designed to celebrate the beloved game of bingo.

However Dabbers does not just provide your normal game of bingo as there will be music, comedians, glorious prizes, show stopping performers and plenty of hidden tricks within their game of bingo.

You can enjoy either a Saturday night of Jackpot bingo, comedy bawlers bingo or even a brunch style bingo with friends as they have it all.

Check out their shows by clicking here and get on dabbing at Dabbers.

For a limited time during the lock down we are experiencing during Covid19 you can play and party along with Dabbers online via Zoom. Book tickets via https://dabbers.bingo/calendar.

Note: Art Sippers is strictly an 18’s and over event.

Thanks to Dabbers who let some members of the community of Love Pop Ups London attend a night of bingo and fun.  Click on the links below to read our reviews.

Discover more and read our write ups….

“We played 2 full rounds of bingo, but were there for around three and a half hours (and would have happily stayed longer had it not been a school night) and between all of the mini games, competitions and, my personal favourite; disco balls, the time really did fly by. “
February 2019

Aynsleigh blog post

“This was SO great! A really fun night that had us up dancing, eating, drinking and laughing. What more could anyone ask for? I want to check out all other nights now, I cannot wait to play more Dabbers Bingo!”
February 2019


“This was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while! I’ll be back every week!”
February 2019


“Thanks so much for the invite – BINGO is officially cool again”
February 2019

Ashley blog post

“Our hosts arrived wearing brightly coloured tights and showing off some very funky and funny moves. They got the crowd going, filling the place with energy along with the help of pumping music. This wasn’t just BINGO, this was an entertaining show!”
March 2019

Steve blog post

“As the numbers were being called, there was good music in the background and if the ball had a disco ball on it, they played out a song and you had to figure out what number was in the song, which I thought was a fun way to mix things up!”
May 2019

Kate blog post

“A Night Out At Dabbers Social Bingo, Shoreditch”
May 2019

Haydy blog post

“Yabba Dabber Doo it is Bingo but with a difference.”
March 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post, Instagram post (2019), post (2021) & reel (2021)

“Looking for fun things to do with friends? Then @dabbersbingo is one to go to!”
November 2021

Chopswithlils Instagram reel

“Delicious food, great tunes & prizes up for grabs whilst playing Bingo.”
November 2021

Thesmilingfoodjournal TikTok

“Delicious food, great tunes & prizes up for grabs whilst playing Bingo.”
July 2022

Locatinglucy Instagram reel

“My experience: I’ve never played ‘express bingo’ before. The game is played with rapid fire calls, so if you aren’t quick enough you may miss some of the numbers called!”
July 2022

Wheretoadventures Instagram reel

“A different show everyday of the week”
July 2022

Yensfoodstagram Instagram reel

“Great for hen parties, girls/guys day out. The entertainment & vibes are top notch.”
July 2022

traveleatslay Instagram reel

“It was so much fun.”
July 2022

brunchlunchlondon Instagram reel

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