Jurassic Kingdom

Love dinosaurs?
Love learning and discovering about dinosaurs?
Love having a roaring time with the family or friends?
Then you’ll love Jurassic Kingdom

1 April – 17 April 2017 in London
with various other dates across the UK

Then this is one not to miss before the exhibition is extinct.

This exhibition is hitting the UK this year 2017 for the first time.

Jurassic Kingdom is Where Dinosaurs Come To Life.  It first debut in the UK starts at Osterley Park in London before embarking on a UK wide multi-city tour!

Jurassic Kingdom, is a spectacular outdoor dinosaur experience aimed at any age with over 30 impressive installations of animated dinosaurs with electronic moving parts. Animatronics include arms moving up and down, tails swaying side-to-side, heads moving up and down, eyes blinking and jaws opening wide with roaring sound effects.

Visitors will explore the gardens and parklands and uncover epic life-sized replica dinosaurs from Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops to flying reptiles like pterosaurs. A fun and very educational way to learn about dinosaurs.

Thanks to Jurassic Kingdom who let some of the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to have a roaring good time in meeting real life looking dinosaurs.  Read all blogs/reviews from the comments section below.


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  1. Karishma says:

    Snapshot of my blog:

    There was plenty of technical information about each dinosaur. So what you take away from each exhibit is up to you. The sound and movement would appeal to younger kids, but the descriptive details would be of more interest to adults and kids with passion for dinosaurs.

    Read more of my blog by opening up my blog page.

    Karishma Pais-Kim

  2. Henri Roe says:

    Snapshot of my blog:

    Then we were in the tour. With over 30 dinosaurs along the route you can go at your own pace. Most of the main animatronic dinosaurs were taped off with signs saying ‘Don’t touch the dinosaurs, they are hungry’.

    To read more of my blog open up my blog page.

    Henri Roe

  3. Norman Weeden says:

    My first tip, a big one, is arrive early. We arrived at 10.30 am to find the car park in Osterley Park filling up quickly. We had a few hours of wandering amongst the exhibits without be pushed from pillar to post. When we left, at 1.30 pm the queues at the entrance were long and the carpark almost full. Warning over, the reasons for this overcrowding will be explained in the following review.
    We were overwhelmed by this exhibit. Initially we wondered if it would be interesting for we ‘oldies’ and wondered where we could hire a couple of ankle-biters so we would not feel out of place. Our children being of the older age group. Even my grandchildren are 18+. However, those worries disappeared. Seeing those life size animatronic dinosaurs was, I hate the word, awesome. It was great seeing the reaction of the smaller members of each family. They were enthralled. An easy, well signposted, walk around with ample ‘educational’ signage at each model. We learned that the names had changed over our lifetime. Very interesting to see where in the world, as we know it now, each dinosaur was found.
    Half way round there was a refreshment area selling hot dogs, noodles, drinks etc etc. A very welcome break for a coke. But carrying on to see more of those wonderful ‘models’, I was getting to the point of thinking of them being real (think it was the sun and no hat, Sunday was a hot day).
    At the end there, again, was a watering area and we decided to something to eat. I decided to treat my partner to an al fresco meal. Least I could do. We sat on the grass eating out burgers LOL. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices. Not a fiddle for the captive audience but reasonable prices.
    Guys, this exhibition will be travelling the UK. Well worth a visit, especially if you have young ones. Prices are reasonable especially the family tickets. Make an effort but, REMEMBER, go early to avoid the rush and enjoy the exhibition.

  4. Ceri parsons says:


    You imagining a world where you can go back in time and see giant life-size dinosaurs and learn a bit more about how they use to live in a fun interactive setting?

    Well you should take a trip to Osterley Park,
    this is in Zone 4 of London near Heathrow, It is quite easy to find as it is sign posted for the cars, you turn left out of the tube station then left again when the road turns and you will come straight up to the park. It will take about 15 mins to get up to the entrance of the Jurassic kingdom gates.

    It’s a Great park to explore with your family, they have some food stalls dotted around, however you can also take in your own picnic and find a nice little area for you and your family or group to chill out and create some lovely memories.

    It’s very child friendly and they will love all the dinosaur sounds and moving attractions, this also goes for big kids too like me and my friend, you can create some great pictures together.

    This does end in London on 17th April so if you have some free time on Easter Monday take a trip down to zone 4. However, if you miss this it will be moving around the UK this year:

    Birmingham- 20th May- 4th June
    Manchester- 8th July- 23rd July
    Blackpool- 5th August- 13th August
    Glasgow- 26th August- 10th September
    Newcastle- 23rd September- 1st October
    Leeds- 14th October- 29th October

    Maybe Even the star attraction is this little man, Rex from toy Story!!!

    This attraction is totally worth the admission fee; however, it won’t be a cheap day out if you do all the extras inside, the virtual reality rides are £5 per person a ride, there are dinosaur balloons and a gift shop that will also eat your money however it will be a great little adventure for you and your family or group of friends to create some lovely memories you can cherish forever.

    #lovelondonpopups #jurassickingdom #familydayadventures #cerisgoinglobal

  5. Lizzie Williamson says:

    30 life-sized dinosaurs have popped up in Osterley Park however unsurprisingly it was also heaving with humans on Easter weekend as well!
    Although only a 10 minute walk from Osterley tube station there was a long queue of slow moving toddlers, prams and exhausted parents trailing in to Osterley Park on the narrow pavement available. There was certainly not enough space for the crowd and the rest of the experience followed along the same vein.
    When I heard about this I imagined Jurassic Park! An open space with dinosaurs lurking and free reign to enjoy them in any order you please. The reality was herded crowds passing a dinosaur at a time – which took the magic away for me! This obviously had no impact on the children’s enjoyment and makes it easier for parents to keep track of their kids however to appeal to the childless adults as well there needed to be something else to it!
    There was also over crowded picnic areas when all my partner and I wanted to do was to sit in the beautiful park next to the bluebells and enjoy our picnic.
    On to the cost – for what it was, well it was a rip off! The car park was priced at £7, food vans were expensive and of course merchandise like balloons and cuddly toys were all £££.
    As a family day out, it really is overpriced however there were all the facilities needed as well as ample entertainment for the kids.
    We enjoyed our picnic, getting a few silly snaps next to the dinosaurs and also learning a few facts however for me there wasn’t enough info, the animatronics were mediocre and the whole set-up lacking the wow factor.

  6. Jurassic kingdom was a really good day out. Dinosaurs (although mostly marketed for kids) can also amuse fully grown adults when presented in life size form with mechanical movements and sound effects. Taking a walk in a park is a relaxing activity in itself, but walking with dinosaurs takes it to an entirely different amusement level.

    Jurassic Kingdom was held in Osterley Park, which is around 10-15mins walk from the Osterley station. You can get there on foot, but be sure to wear comfy clothes. There will be at least one person showing the people directions to the dinosaur part of the park, when you get near Osterley Park house.

    In my opinion, there are 2 dinosaur variety. The real-er looking version which moves and has speakers to make sounds and one that is just static often depicting battle scenes between two dinosaurs. I was not that impressed with the non-moving dinosaurs as they had a shiny finish which did make them look fake but I was impressed by the ones that moved mechanically.

    You follow a trail (similar to Magical Lantern Festival) to get to the dinosaurs so it may be busy at times, but it didn’t get too crowded because Osterley Park was just so spacious. In the middle of the trail there was also a kids play area where you can pay to ride a dinosaur and a sand pit. The trail itself is a good workout, and assuming you don’t stop at every single dinosaur to take pictures, you will probably finish it in 1.5-2 hours on a busy day.

    I would highly recommend to anyone who’s fascinated by dinosaurs, or just want an extra oomph to their walk in a park.

  7. Haydy says:

    When I head over to Florida to hit up Universal, the highlight for me is always getting to ride my favourite ride; Jurassic Park. Hopping into a big dingy style boat and being transported over to Isla Nublar to see the incredible dinosaurs they’ve brought back to life never seems to get old. But having to head over to America to do this is a little time consuming and pretty heavy on my bank account, so when I heard the people behind Walking With Dinosaurs we’re bringing a Dinosaur Kingdom to the UK I literally couldn’t wait to go!

    Read more here: Squibb Vicious

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