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Love tours?
Love history?
Love paranormal?
Then you’ll love Lantern Ghost Tours which has won a multi award winning awards.

Lantern Ghost Tours have various tours to choose from but we of Love Pop Ups London had the pleasure to experienced these two:

London Bridge

Departs Outside Bunch of Grapes Pub 2 St Thomas Street London Bridge.

Journey back in time to London Bridge, the place law abiding citizens dare not visit. Discover the Bishop of Winchester’s “Geese” providing horizontal entertainment in the various stew houses, hear of operations without anaesthetic in the World’s oldest operating theatre and the ghosts that linger in England’s oldest prison. Prostititue graveyards, sly grog haunts, bear baiting and cock fighting are just the beginning. Includes a visit to a 17th century pub haunted by a canine ghost.

Sex Drugs Sausage Rolls

Departs from outside Bunch of Grapes, 2 St Thomas Street, London Bridge SE1 9RS

The Naughty London tour is all about grime, debauched activities and down right filth! We LOVE all the nastiness and grossosity that London has created up over the last few decades. Our most famous and popular London walking tour is set around the Tudor era in the time of a fat, grumpy and corrupt King and his bishops. Those living south of the river Thames live in squalor and filth in what was the Las Vegas of it’s day full of every single kind of vice you could ever want!

Those without a sense of humour or those of weak constitution may want to avoid this tour.

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Thanks to Lantern Ghost Tours for inviting me and other members of Love Pop Ups London down to tour the streets of London discovering gruesome historical facts.

Lantern Ghost Tours Sex drugs and sausage rolls us

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Discover more and read our write ups….

“Looking for a more nitty gritty tour then Sex Drugs and Sausage Rolls is the your to do.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post

“A London walking tour with a difference?”

Joice blog post

“I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the Sex Drugs and Sausage Rolls London walking tour and I have to say it was very interesting as well as being funny, dirty and gruesome. As a resident in the London Bridge area I have always wanted to know about the underworld history and this walking tour really provided this. The tour guide was very informative and had great energy throughout the one and half hour tour. If you really want to know more about the sex, drugs and torture history of the area this is the right tour for you!”

Sophie says

“The Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls walkimg tour was very interesting and leanrt some facts about the history of the area I didn’t know, so thought was well worth the hour and half and would recommend if people want to know a bit more about the history of iconic places in London Bridge.”

Rupa says

“Informative and enjoyable. Even after living in London nearly 3 years its always amazing how you can always find out more about this amazing city. The sex, drug and sausages rolls your was a great way to discover the history of an area I go out in often. The guide was very insightful and captivated the group. The tour isn’t as down and dirty as the name suggests but, it was a great was to explore London Bridge and very fascinating to hear what went down way back when.”

Chelsea says

“Last week I got to go on Lantern Ghost Tour of London Bridge. We met outside Bunches of Grapes at 7.30pm and were promptly taken on our adventure. For 90 mins we were taken around 10 different sites in the local area, learning history of each place.”

Henri says

“Paint the scene, a dark, cold, grey London evening we set off in search of ghosts… ready to be terrified! Ha that was the ideal setting, sadly london didn’t live up to its name, so it was hot, bright with drops of rain. Imagination, therefore was necessary. The tour itself was quite disjointed in my opinion with a lot of walking between places and short explanations. The stand out part was the trip to the crossbones graveyard. This was super interesting and a place I’m sure I’d have never discovered on my own. The graveyard is a place where people who weren’t eligible to be buried in churches were buried.. sex workers, lower classes etc. I would recommend taking the tour in the winter when it’s darker earlier in the night, so you can feel some atmosphere.”

Livi says

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