Sea Creatures

Love learning about sea creatures?
Love exhibitions?
Then you’ll love this latest exhibition of Sea Creatures Life Beneath the Sea which will be at Royal Horticultural Halls, Lawrence Hall till 30 August 2018.

Sea Creatures Life Beneath the Sea which is a groundbreaking new exhibition which allow visitors to explore the secrets of life beneath the ocean’s waves by viewing incredible cross-sections of the animals including whales, penguins and Great White sharks, and even getting an up-close glimpse of their complex organs.

Guests will be able to see fifty ethically sourced, real-life specimens of creatures on display from:

  • a Baleen Whale,
  • Whale Shark,
  • Great White Shark,
  • Dolphin,
  • Seal,
  • Octopus,
  • Penguin and
  • Sting Ray on display

which will allow visitors a glimpse inside the majestic beasts, learning about the complex life systems within and why we need to protect precious ocean life.

Alongside the many full-body exhibits will be a host of smaller displays from:

  • the lung and eyeball of a Mink Whale,
  • a whale’s kidney,
  • the egg of a King Penguin,
  • a Sea Lion’s heart and
  • shark’s teeth.

In total, over 200 exhibits will be on show.

The educational exhibition will also feature digital interactive experiences, allowing children to immerse themselves in an underwater world. Sea creatures will be brought to life by a range of virtual reality experiences and will allow visitors to explore the deepest regions of planet earth’s oceans.

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Thanks to Sea Creatures for letting some of us from the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to explore and discover about sea life.  To read our our blogs/reviews click on the links below.


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  1. Jamie Tolentino says:

    The Sea Creatures exhibition is quite fascinating because you never get to see what’s inside all these creatures that live in the ocean. Personally, I fear diving because it’s such a foreign environment to be submerged in a huge body of water for a prolonged period of time, so I am gladly enjoying learning about sea creatures via this exhibition. My personal favourite was seeing a shark and a whale seemingly frozen (well it’s preserved and hung up) in mid-air. I also like the fact that you can see these creatures up close without any fear as they’re preserved. I have never seen the insides of a stingray or the organs of a shark so those were really interesting to see as well. I would totally recommend this exhibition to anyone who’s curious about those who live at sea.

  2. Henri R says:

    Currently, in London, running until the end of August is the amazing sea creatures exhibition. You enter Lawrence Hall via a misty entrance with a projection of animals flickering through it.

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