Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer

Love Beer?
Love Ginger Beer?
Love independent breweries?

Then look no further as this brewers is so unique and based in actual London.

It is their mission to create the best alcoholic ginger beer on the market.

They supply Ginger Beer which is cloudy, fiery and alcoholic. Their ginger beer is made out fresh pressed ginger with a balance of sharp lemon citrus, demerara sugar and a subtle hint of malt. It is then gently carbonated. As their beers are made out of natural ingredients it creates natural sediment in every bottle. This sediment is the root of the unique fiery flavour that it gives. In order to properly enjoy the Ginger Beer it is always recommend that you gently turn the bottle over before drinking it plus it’s best served chilled.

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  1. This was my first taste of Umbrella Brewing’s alcoholic ginger beer and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised especially considering it was my first alcoholic ginger beer. It is a cloudy drink, pale in colour and has a strong ginger aroma. It gives you a warm feeling within your mouth whilst it flows over your tongue down your throat hitting your stomach this is all caused by the strong ginger flavour which is fiery and spicy in taste. This is what makes it so appealing to any ginger beer lover. I personally would not be able to drink a whole bottle as it is strong but it is ever so tasty. I would highly recommend if drinking in summer then to serve it chilled and if in winter have it as it is. Don’t forget to though turn the bottle upside down a few times to merge the ginger and liquid together as this is made out of natural ingredients after all. So if you come across this at any festival or independent sellers I highly recommend any ginger beer lover to buy this drink.


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