The curry puff is so SHIOK – Old Chang Kee

Old Chang Kee after a successful run with their pop up in Kentish Town in 2017 selling out of their Street food within four hours on their first day they have now opened up a permanent residency in Covent Garden.

This Singaporean Street food Institution brings legendary snacks to London.  Serving various iconic Street food such as the Singaporean chicken curry, nasi lemak and their famous curry puff which can be eaten in or taken away.

Old Chang Kee

Old Chang Kee originally started in 1956 as a small market stall in Singapore selling curry puffs which became legendary amongst Singaporeans and those who’ve lived in or visited the country. With the success of their curry puff they set up a further 90 outlets across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia, where customers travelled far and wide to savour the inimitable curry puff. Passing down from generation to generation Old Chang Kee sells over 1.5m curry puffs a month Worldwide.  However the secret curry recipe is only known to a select few and is protected and locked in a bank vault.

The iconic curry puff is lighter than a Cornish pasty, crispier, buttery and filled with a warming meat, potato along with a secret combination of herbs and spices gives an aromatic curry. With the flavour being quite mild even children can enjoy the delicious curry puff.

“The curry puff is Singapore’s version of the Cornish pasty, but more fiery.” says Ms Sandra Leong,  Director of Old Chang Kee UK.

A taste of Singapore

I was invited down by Old Chang Kee to try out some of their Singaporean Street food and their famous curry puff.  I am not one for Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian or Indonesian food but I thought I would give it a go.  I was pleasantly surprised though as the food was not as spicy as what I thought it would be so I ended up loving all the food which was cooked and served to me.

Old Chang Kee

Singapore Laksa

The noodles were delicious and sat in amongst a saucy coconut soup with large prawns on top.  The coconut flavour really shone through and the hint of the herbs and spice gave it that extra little kick making it a joyful moment every time I took a bite.

Curry puff

Onto the famous curry puff what can I say but “Wah lau” (wow) it was not what I expected at all.  I thought I was initially not going to like it as I mentioned earlier I am not really keen on spicy food and I thought it would be very spicy and overpowering but I was so wrong.  The filling was mild and the spices and herbs which they used came through but not too overpowering at all which made the puff extremely tasty. Plus the pastry was light, crispy and full of flavour so much better than a normal Cornish pasty.

Old Chang Kee

“It was so shiok!”

Chilli Crab Puff

They even served me a crab puff which is new.  The pastry was the same as the curry puff but filled with crab sticks instead.  It was lovely but personally am not keen on crab sticks but if you love crab sticks then this would be a great puff to choose as a snack or even a meal as it can fill you up.

Old Chang Kee

Where is Old Chang Kee?

If you are now salivating and craving the famous curry puff or even their Singaporean Street food head on down to

Old Chang Kee
15A New Row
Covent Garden

Old Chang Kee

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