Curtice Brothers getting saucy

I love a simple good tasting tomato sauce which just consists of chopped tomatoes and Curtice Brothers does just that and much more.

Courtesy of Curtice Brothers I was gifted some bottles of their tomato sauce along with some other condiments.

Curtice Brothers

Edgar and Simeon Curtice shared a passion for food. They opened their first grocery store back in 1868 where they sold fresh fruit and vegetables. Soon they began to develop sauces and condiments using fresh produce from their store and developed the recipe for their famous Tomato Ketchup.

With the same passion and thorough research Curtice Brothers have now re-created their once famous Ketchup using the freshest ingredients from a certified organic farm.

Curtice Brothers cook their ketchup to retain the full-bodied flavor of the fresh tomato. Each bottle contains 77% Tomatoes, 9% onions, 6% sugar, 3% apples, 3% vinegar and 2% spices.

Their ketchup is high in quality using only the finest ingredients it is perfect served on top of a great steak.

Saucy time

Curtice Brothers

When it comes to sauces and condiments I am fussy about the ones I use as I only like ones which use the freshest tasting ingredients within. So when I found out about Curtice Brothers I was highly pleased as they use the freshest organic produce around creating great tasting condiments for any meal.

Curtice Brothers

The Organic Tomato Ketchup they produce is vegan friendly, gluten free and use organic tomatoes within as well as apples, onions, spices and a little vinegar. Not from concentrate and only ever using fresh ingredients Curtice Brothers within their tomato ketchup I can see why it has won the Great Taste Award two times over recently 2019 and back in 2018.

The tomato ketchup has a slight sour taste, and has a punchy sharp fresh taste from the tomatoes resulting in a clean, refreshing super fresh flavour. It certainly is a characteristic tomato ketchup like no other, making it the Royals Royce of any ketchup.

Their Organic Tomato Chilli Ketchup is surprisingly simple packed with tomato and chillies along with apples, onions, spices and a little vinegar. Just like their ketchup it’s packed with flavour of tomato but has that extra kick from the Bhut Jolohia chillies used within it.

Aside from ketchup Curtice Brothers also produce Organic Mayonnaise which contains eggs, oil and lemon. With those simple ingredients, and a hint of mustard it produces a high quality mayonnaise which is creamy, tangy, sweet, super fresh and tasty.

Curtice Brothers hotdog time

Their Organic Mustard uses mustard seeds which is a popular widely grown spice in the world. Using a unique Belgian recipe this mustard of theirs which consists of water, vinegar and mustard seeds as well as other spices provides a sweet and subtle flavour.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

All of their sauces are not from concentrate and are made only using the freshest produce and top quality spices and their condiments all provided a great fresh taste full of punchiness.

So if you are looking for that something a little more special than your average usual everyday ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard which you can buy at any supermarket then I highly recommend Curtice Brothers condiments.

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Thank you to Curtice Brothers for a delicious fresh taste of tomato ketchup and condiments. All views are my own honest opinion.

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