AmazingCo mystery picnic adventure around Camden & Primrose Hill

This summer if you are looking to have a picnic but want to explore new areas and learn interesting facts along the way then check out AmazingCo whom provide a variety of great Mystery Picnic Adventure within London and beyond.

With London being so huge there are still many areas which I am still to discover and explore and so it can be a little daunting in where to start but thanks to AmazingCo they provide a unique and fun way to explore some London boroughs thanks to their Mystery Picnic Adventures. London is full of history dating back to the ancient Roman times to modern day and the streets are filled with hipster cafes, ancient buildings and so much more to explore. AmazingCo tours helps all discover boroughs in a fun unique way from clues to solve, interesting facts about the area, and provide tasty food to collect along the way.

Courtesy of AmazingCo I was kindly given the opportunity to experience along with friends their Mystery Picnic Adventure which I discovered some amazing eateries and even learnt some interesting facts about Camden and Primrose Hill on my tour.

SPOILER ALERT: I have listed the cafes / restaurants and food in which I collected along the way plus a few interesting facts I learnt upon doing this tour via AmazingCo so if you are planning doing this tour then STOP reading as so you don’t spoil the surprise for yourself.


AmazingCo are a global team of creative dreamers and designers delivering unique days out and special celebration experiences and activities to help people connect and have fun.

Their mission is to help you live a more fulfilling life, and they believe the most important place to start is to help all connect with your city, and with the people important to you.

Enjoy a variety of unique experiences from a murder mystery at home or a mystery picnic adventure thanks to technology.

Mystery Picnic Adventure for four around Camden & Primrose Hill

The night before my adventure I was sent a weblink with a code to start my adventure with the first clue leading to where to start my mystery tour. However as I was meeting with friends we met at Camden Station before on the day before heading to the set location which would also be our first stop of call to collect food for our picnic. It is recommended to take a bags for the food you pick up along the way and a picnic blanket. Plus make sure to take a bottle of water with yourself as the tour depending how fast you solve the clues and walk can take around 2 to 3 hours.

Having not been in London for sometime though I must admit was a little scary walking around the busy streets of Camden with no social distancing and mask wearing but my friends, and the clues and interesting facts in which I received throughout doing the Mystery Picnic Adventure kept my anxiety at ease.

Mystery Picnic Adventure via AmazingCo
Steve @neverfearnew, Jason @jasonmort007, me @lovepopupslondon & Matt @bermie082

The curated clues and riddles throughout the whole tour was good and fun but perhaps a little too easy as most were code breaking challenges.

Each clue we solved led us to either an interesting historical location or our next picnic food pickup but inevitably even closer to our final picnic location.

  • AmazingCo Mystery Picnic Adventure

I loved going in and out of the different cafes / restaurants to collect our picnic food and learning the interesting historical facts about the area along our tour.

These are just some of the interesting historical and fun facts which we learnt along the way thanks to AmazingCo:

  • Chalcot Crescent is the street which is seen in the movie Paddington. It is the street which the Browns live (despite the Browns famously living in Notting Hill)
  • Regents Park covers an area of 395 acres and has four children’s playgrounds, formal gardens an open air theatre a large duck pond where you can hire a boat and 100 species of wild bird.
  • Primrose Hill is known as a Plague Pit as supposedly back in the 14th century, 1/3 of London’s population who died from the Bubonic Plague were buried. Its never been verified though.
  • Primrose Hill is one of the best viewpoints to see the London city skyline. Apparently it’s particularly amazing at dawn and dusk.

After around 2 hours (approx. 5 miles of walking) and seven stops we eventually arrived at spot for our picnic which was on the hill of Primrose Hill. There is a very old tree here as well which can be discovered which was planted back in 1964 to commemorate the Shakespeare Quatercentenary but alas we never found it as there were many trees upon Primrose Hill but least I got to experience amazing views of London and enjoy a well deserved picnic feast.

Just look at that stunning view.

NOTE: the AmazingCo tote bag is not included in the price

Here is a list of all the food we collected along the way

All of the food was great, fresh and tasty. However I was a little disappointed with the amount of food which was provided plus in particular the portion size from Mildred’s as we were only given three fritters to share between us which was awkward to divide. I wonder though how many fritters we would of got if was just the two of us?


Rating: 4 out of 5.

AmazingCo was such a fun tour, the website to discover and solve clues to our next location was easy to use and the fun facts which popped up after solving each clue. However I do feel like the clues were a little too easy and a little to samey but never less was still fun in trying to work each out. The tour in which we was led on through Camden and Primrose Hill was though very interesting and I loved learning the interesting historical or fun facts which popped up.

The food which we collected along the way was fun and the shops all were very traditional selling deli style food and homemade produce. However I feel as there was four of us I think we should of been provided a little more food especially considering the price for the picnic tour is £30 a head (£120 for four) is quite steep. However saying that the food which we did collect was all gourmet and homemade food so with that the price compared to food from a supermarket would be a little higher.

All in all this Mystery Picnic Adventure by AmazingCo was fun and led us to many quirky places within Camden and a great view at the end of it at Primrose Hill which I have never been to and absolutely will be revisiting to enjoy a sunset there.

So if you are looking for something different to do with friends, family or as a couple then I highly recommend doing one of AmazingCo Mystery Picnic Adventure tours be it Camden or even Notting Hill, check out their website for all the locations within London and beyond.

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Thanks to AmazingCo for the amazing tour of Camden & Primrose Hill. All views are my own honest opinion.

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