Dinos in the Wild

Love dinosaurs?
Love history?
Love exploring?
Then you’ll love Dinos in the Wild this Summer in London.

Dinosaurs in the Wild takes adventurers on a voyage of a lifetime.

Boarding a time machine in seconds you’ll be transported back to 67 million years back to see living dinosaurs with your very own eyes.

Adventurers will ride across the jaw-dropping Cretaceous plains, where you’ll come face to face with the most awesome creatures ever to live the dinosaur.

Visit an incredible research station TimeBase67.

See prehistoric animals in cages.

Watch babies hatching.

Witness an autopsy on a giant dinosaur.

Learn amazing facts about dinosaurs.

Plunge your hands into piles of poo to discover more about their diet!

Be astonished by panoramic views of prehistoric life all around you and witness mighty creatures like Alamosaurus and Triceratops roaming free in their natural environment.

So book now and get closer to dinosaurs than you ever imagined possible and be right at the heart of the action.

Time machine departures until 31 July from Greenwich Peninsula, London.

Your seat on the time machine awaits! Click here to book.


Thanks to Dinos in the Wild for letting some of us from Love Pop Ups London adventure through the land of dinosaurs. We of Love Pop Ups London loved it. Read our blogs/reviews from the comments below:

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  1. Sunny says:

    “I was very lucky to go along and visit Dinosaurs in the Wild with #lovepopupslondon. Having seen the latest Jurassic World movie, I was primed to rock my inner paleontologist and had a blast…”


  2. lovepopupslondon says:

    By Slawomir and Mag

    Dinosaurs in the Wild. Excellent immersive fun.
    Easy location to find, from O2 (come out the station, turn right past Wagamama, past Tesco and the Emirates cable cars) follow yellow dinosaur footprints that lead you to the venue.
    First you step into the ‘Departure Lounge’ where the adventure begins with a timeline history of how time travel was invented. You have to go through safety check and watch a video about things to do and not do, very good way of setting the scene. You will go back 67 million years ago to see how dinosaurs really lived and study them. The journey to Time Base 67 feels a bit like being on safari … but with dinosaurs. Rest of the adventure is presented as a guided tour of a research establishment (mostly on foot as you walk from Lab to Lab).

    In those Lab rooms you can see the heart of a dinosaur; you can check what he eats recently playing with ‘dinosaur poo’. Smaller kids might be frightened (dinosaur autopsy) but staff are really attentive and involve the kids where they can. Very educational, even for adults (Yes I learn couple more things).

    Then the fun started. Grand finale in 4D lookout tower, that ‘came under attack’ by a bunch of T-Rexs. The light’s start flashing, the sirens are going off, the cast are in full character mode. We’re led through back corridors, as we are led to believe our lives truly are in danger. The emergency return takes as back from 67 000 000 BC to present day.
    Great immersive experience. Really good 3D screen effects and enthusiastic staff who stay in their roles really well. Attention to detail is phenomenal from the on screen graphics to the tiny details like the blood samples. Would recommend to all ages. If you are dinosaur fans you will not be disappointed. It’s so much more than just a simulator with some CGI dinosaurs.


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