When dinosaurs ruled the earth – Dinosaurs in the Wild

I had the pleasure in going along with some other community members of Love Pop Ups London to travel back in time at Dinosaurs in the Wild to discover what the world looked like when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Dinosaurs in the Wild

It is an exhibition like no other as guests will be taken back with the corporation Chronotex which is the pioneering company that discovered time travel and built TimeBase 67.  Guests will get to travel back to the late Cretaceous Period which was 67 million years ago and discover more about dinosaurs which used to walk our earth.

However on this journey you’ll discover what dinosaurs really did look like back in the day as since movies like Jurassic Park scientists such as Darren Naish a British vertebrate palaeontologisthas has discovered further scientific evidence that dinosaurs were actually more flamboyant, colourful than we ever thought some even had feathers.

The safari adventure begins

T Rex alert my foot

Upon arriving at Greenwich North train station it was time to find Dinosaurs in the Wild.  Walking past such restaurants as Greenwich Kitchen and Wagamama I then came across some giant yellow footprints which led me to the exhibition.  I think it was a footprint of Tyrannosaurus Rex but he/she must have been one legged or hopping as the footsteps were very far apart.

Dinos in the Wild entrance

After about a 10 minute walk I found Dinosaurs in the Wild entrance and met up with a bunch of others from Love Pop Ups London to begin our adventure.


Firstly let’s meet a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Firstly though before we could travel back in time it was pose time.  Standing in front of a green screen we all had to give our most scariest reaction as if we was going to be eaten by Tyrannosaurus Rex.  A Tyrannosaurus Rex is then superimposed on our photo behind us.

Don’t we look scared?

We received our photo at the end of our journey.

Travelling back in time for 70 minutes

It was then onto the greatest safari adventure ever. We got to travel back in time with Chronotex to see the dinosaurs which used to roam the earth 67 million years.

Waiting in the lounge area we were greeted by staff from Chronotex.

After a quick health and safety video

We then boarded the time machine which we had to wear protective eye gear before being transported back to the late Cretaceous Period to see living dinosaurs.

Once the time machine docked it converts into a land vehicle which then takes us on a drive of our life, across the hazardous Cretaceous plains, where we got to see such dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Alamosaurus and Triceratops.

Dinosaurs in the Wild 3D

TimeBase 67 reception

We then headed into security observation base which we learnt more about Chronotex, the TimeBase 67 and dinosaurs.

The Scientific Research Station

Within this room we met experts who talked us through their research and facts on dinosaurs.

We got to see what a Alamosaurus heart looked like, interact with some eyeballs, teeth, claws and we even discovered what’s in dinosaur poo!

For me, Sunny and Joice we was way more interested in plunging our hands into the dinosaur poo, so squishy!

Surgery in progress

Moving on into the Autopsy Lab we watched a Pachycephalosaurus get dissected.

Did you know the Pachycephalosaurus has the largest skull in the whole animal kingdom?  We also learnt that their skulls are very thick with this one’s being 30cm thick.

It was also interesting to know that it is hard to determine if a dinosaur is female or male. However she eventually discovered whilst performing an autopsy on the dinosaur that it was female due to the eggs that laid within side her.


Then we ventured through to the where they incubated dinosaur eggs.

There are three incubators in the hatchery which hold different species of dinosaur eggs.  Here we learnt about the variety of egg shapes, growth stages and the laying patterns of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs in the Wild baby

We also got to meet a new born Dakotaraptor which one of the children on our tour chose to name it Buddy.

Parents and their young

In the animal lab which is divided into two areas (nocturnal and daytime). This is where juveniles are kept such as the Leptoceratops, Acheroraptor, Ankylosaurus etc. for a short time so scientists can learn more about them.

They are all safely caged so no need to be scared.  However it is advisable to be alert at all times in this area and keep your fingers away from the bars, as some of these animals are extremely aggressive and almost certainly will bite!

Dinos in the Wild dinosaur in cage

This is an Acheroraptor

I particularly loved the Triceratops. Did you know that the Triceraptops is a herbivorous, weighs 5,500kg, is 9.0m in length, has 3 horns for fighting, and has a frill around it’s head which can reach nearly 1 metre across.

The TimeBase 67 viewing platform  

We then ventured into the TimeBase 67 where we got a 360 panoramic view of dinosaurs and we got to see such dinosaurs as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Alamosaurus and Triceratops all roaming roam free in their natural environment.


However whilst in there all hell broke loose as a Tyrannosaurus Rex started to try to break through one of the reinforced windows.  Instead of waiting around to see if the window will hold out it was a quick dash back to the time machine to safety.

The escape

Dinos in the Wild scared

As you can see Joice, Haydy and Laura were pretty scared.

Thankfully though we all escaped and made it back to 2018 and luckily no one lost their purse/wallet on their journey as at the end there is merchandise galore on offer from dinosaur hats to toys.

Dinosaurs in the Wild merchandise

Question & answer time 

We then had a question and answer time with Trish and main Associate Director Cameron Wenn.

Dinos in the Wild talk

We learnt that the whole building was built up from scratch on a car park which took just over 2 months.

How all the dinosaurs that they show are created on the most up to date information which has been provided by scientists such as Darren Nash.

All the actors/actresses play all the roles on a rotating basis so they each can take turns in being a scientist, vet or the tour guide.

My favourite dinosaurs

So after my time travelling adventure I thought about the dinosaurs I really love. So here is my top three.

  1. Triceraptops (I love his frill)
  2. Pterosaurs (as I love birds)
  3. T-Rex (for it’s largeness and small arms)

What is your favourite dinosaur?


On this tour we witnessed the extraordinary studies by scientists of the dinosaurs, watched baby dinosaurs hatching, witness an autopsy and experienced jaw-dropping views of the awesome creatures.

My favourite moment was meeting the baby dinosaur in the hatchling area.

This truly is one of the most interesting, unique and entertaining ways I have ever encountered what real-life dinosaurs would have been like back in the day.

So if you ever wondered what life was like 67 million years ago then discover for yourself at Dinosaurs in the Wild.

Book now before this tour becomes extinct

Dinosaurs in the Wild can be found in Greenwich Peninsula (West Parkside) until 2 September 2018.

Image from Dinosaurs in the Wild

Image from Dinosaurs in the Wild

You can get to Dinosaurs in the Wild by either bus, Emirates Cable Car, MBNA Clipper or even the train.

Departures in the time machine to TimeBase 67 start from 10:00am, Wednesday to Sunday. For exact time-slots, click here.

Plus why not make the day of your time in Greenwich

In the Peninsula area you can visit The National Maritime Museum, The Cutty Sark, The Royal Observatory, Queen’s House, the park, the market or even the famous iconic O2.

The O2 is a massive entertainment complex where you can eat, watch a movie or even a concert. Plus did you know you can also walk over the O2.  I have done it and it was exhilarating click here to read my blog of Up at the O2.

So go along and make a monster of a day at Greenwich Peninsula.


Thank you to Dinosaurs in the Wild for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London walk in travel back to the world of dinosaurs. This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to read all the other bloggers & reviewers opinions.  All their views are of their own honest opinions.

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