GoBoat TBC

Love boats?
Love to drive?
Love picnics?
Love canals of Paddington and Camden?

Then the go hire a Go Boat (pre-booking recommended). This will take you on a unique adventure down the canals of London with you being the captain (or several of you), chart your own adventure and choose your own crew. Each GoBoat can carry up to eight people and the best thing is no previous boating or driving experience is required. All the boats are powered by electric engines.

The GoBoats base is located in Merchant Square. You will leave Merchant Square and sail up to Little Venice, along the Regent’s canal up to Camden Lock passing many sights such as Regents Park, London Zoo etc. You will be provided a map with information for the routes that you can take.

A one hour trip allows for a short trip to Little Venice and through the Maida Hill tunnel to Regents Park followed by a return journey back to base. For the more adventurous, a two hour trip will allow a cruise past London Zoo and a visit to the cultural hub of Camden lock before returning back to the GoBoat pontoon. However a three hour adventure is recommended to be booked if you want to reach Camden in the weekends due to the heavy traffic on the canals.

So forget boring old picnics on a field or in a park or a bench somewhere jump on a GoBoat and enjoy the leisurely pleasure of the London canals whilst having a picnic on one of the large tables in the middle of the boat.  Eat and sip drinks with friends/family having a merry time. This is certainly the most sociable entertaining experience you can have on the waters on London.

GoBoat has been designed to provide a sense of freedom, wellbeing and togetherness.


Thanks to GoBoat who let me and the community of Love Pop Ups – London come down to experience a very pleasurable ride down the canals of London.  Read mine and their blogs/reviews from below:


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