Lagunitas Circus

Do you love circus?
Do you love performers?
Do you love beer?
Then you’ll love this circus which is coming to London for one day only.

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up! as 18 August for one day only Lagunitas Circus is coming to London.


For the first time ever, Laguinitas Beer Circus will be coming to London’s Flat Iron Square with an opportunity to gaze many spectacular performers from aerialists to sideshows.  All whilst drinking a selection of brews at this whirling frenzy of freaktacular Beer Circus.


After a successful year last year it returned to London 20 July 2019 bringing again spectacular performers from aerialists to sideshows. 

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  1. I have to admit that I didn’t really know much about Lagunitas before this weekend and the Beer Circus was a fabulous event to showcase the brand. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cheaper night out in London – so much entertainment, so much beer and so much fun! The acts were great, if not a little weird and something scary at times… They engaged well with the audience and I got the feeling that they may have been trying the beers long before the gates opened… The dressing up and face-painting was great fun, though I will be finding glitter in random places for the next few months… The event and its premise was relatively simple, but it worked so well. Everyone was having a fab time from what I could see and it was a really chilled out environment. I hope these guys put on another event soon!

  2. Milena says:

    I did not know what to expect from a “beer circus”, sounds slightly weird and exciting, exactly the type of event you want to go to as a Londoner. I was not disappointed, Lagunitas put on quite a show! Upon entry, we were greeted with delicious IPAs handed by singing eggs (real people dressed up as eggs if you were wondering) before meeting more characters from this crazy circus: the arm wrestler, the flying artist, the disturbing clown and lots of more surprising characters. In terms of animation, they also had a crazy program: live band, clowns playing with swords, thumb wrestling table etc. Last time I had been to a circus was probably when I was about 10 years old, I don’t remember it being that great :). This adult beer circus was the perfect event for Lagunitas and made me discover more beers in their range, too bad it is still quite hard to find it in pubs in the UK because that’s really nice beers (I had the Strawberry Pale Ale after the IPA, a delicious mix). If they ever come back to London, count me in again!
    Also reviewed on Timeout (

  3. feedlivi says:

    Roll up, roll up there’s a circus in town and the theme was weird and wonderful… Did I want in? The hell, I did!! I sauntered down to the beer circus hosted by Lagunitas and was absolutely blown away.. boy do they know how to throw a party.. from a ring master escorting us in.. to singing eggs!! Yes, yes, you heard it right.. there were people dressed as eggs handing out ice cold IPAs, straight from the bathtub!! From there, it just got better: an arm wrestler, a slightly disturbing clown, a prisoner and a cop.. you name it, the place had it all!

    Highlights for me, were all the amazing beers on offer, from not only lagunitas, but some local breweries came along, such as Brixton Brewery! Stand out tries of the day we’re the lagunitas strawberries and cream IPA (not sickly sweet, I promise) and the Death & taxes black beer, which was a coffee flavoured porter.

    Also the dressing box, where I got to don a green wig and sparkly dress and look like time travel gone wrong. I’m definitely expecting my call off Vogue any day now…

    Thank you so much for the invite and next time there’s a beer circus in town, holler at me!

  4. feedlivi says:

    Lagunitas beer circus is always one of the highlights of my year.. it’s super crazy with acrobats, fancy dress and lots of crazy games to try your hand at.

    The beer selection was really good on top of lots of different Lagunitas: Tiny rebel, beavertown and Brixton brewery all made an appearance. Woooop woo! I was also super happy to get a little tote bag with my tiny rebel drink, all courtesy of the special magic token you get given on the way in. You see.. one lil token = a beer or a gin & tonic!! Yayyy for tokens as money 😉

    I loved the dress up box and the face paint. I fulfilled my life long goal of becoming bat woman!!! Yesssssss and I even got to keep the outfit!! Double wins!!

    All in all, it’s a super fun, beer filled day out with your friends and it should definitely be on your list for next year! A massive thanks to LovePopUps and Lagunitas for such a fun day!!

  5. liamflann says:

    The Lagunitas Beer Circus has already become an essential part of London’s summertime activities. From the tremendous selection of craft beer to the extravagant performances, you won’t want to blink for fear of missing a bit of the action.

    During the course of the event, I had a pie thrown in my face, was given life advice by a clown, dressed up in as a superhero and developed a taste for some beers I will have to travel very far to get. I have gone both years this event has been held and nothing will prevent me from attending in the future.

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