Nix and Kix

Love drinks with no added sugar?
Love a drink with a kick?
Love fizzy pop?
Then you’ll love Nix and Kix

If you love fizzy drinks and spice then you’ll love Nix and Kix as their drinks have a kick.  If you love soda pop but looking for one with a kick of added chilli then you’ll love this.

Nix and Kix added chilli into their drinks for energy.  As chilli has metabplism Capsaicine which boosts an energy release.  Even better though it also increases endorphin levels and provides a natural, happy feeling.

So unlike other soda pops Nix and Kix makes their drinks less boring and gives you that wow factor.

No refined sugars, natural and low in calories.

To read more about Nix and Kix click here.


Thanks Nix and Kix for letting some members of the Love Pop Ups community try some of your explosive flavour whilst we peddled the streets of London on a PediBus and rowing down the canals of London in a GoBoat giving us that energy boost we needed.  Read our blogs/reviews from the comments below:


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  1. Lizzie Williamson says:

    A refreshing new low cal drink with natural flavourings and no refined sugar. Its available from a few stores like Waitrose in 3 flavours. I’ve only tried the cucumber and mint which is refreshing with a small spicy kick after. Definitely one to quench your thirst this Summer.

  2. lovepopupslondon says:

    Nix and Kix are very refreshing, fizzy and has a kick of chilli. Great thing about Nix and Kix soda though is that it is a low calorie drink, has natural flavourings, no refined sugar and is Vegan friendly. Its available from quite a few stores like Waitrose.

    All the flavours I tried were delicious but I especially loved the Cucumber and Mint drink. Definitely one to quench anyones thirst throughout Summer or anytime of the year.

    GoBoat enjoying some Nix and Kix

    Chilling at home

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