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Romulo Cafe & Restaurant can deliver a taste of the Philippines to your dining room

Romulo is a Filipino restaurant which is set in Kensington. I have dined there once before we went into lock down and they served an abundance of Filipino food full of flavour. Thankfully though they are not completely closed as they are able to home deliver their cuisine so you can enjoy a taste of the Philippines within the comfort of your own home.

I was kindly treated to a feast to enjoy at home and even though I may not have been able to meet the lovely Rowena and Chris again in person least I was able to enjoy their tasty delights which tasted as fresh and tasty as the dishes which they serve within their restaurant usually.

Romulo Cafe & Restaurant

Rowena Romulo and her partner Chris set up Romulo Cafe & Restaurant to bring diners a taste of the Philippines and a way to celebrate her grandfather Carlos Romulo bringing his generous spirit back to life, in their food and impeccable service.

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