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Who would of thought that you could get fresh pasta delivered to your door whilst at work.  Well with Pasta Evangelists you can as it comes in a narrow insulated recyclable box which can be posted through your letterbox.

Pasta Evangelists can provide you everything for a great restaurant quality meal.  Within the chilled box you’ll be provided with all the ingredients you need to make a great nourishing meal from your pasta, sauce to the garnishes along with a step-by-step cooking instruction guide. The dishes with Pasta Evangelists changes weekly on-line and includes a mix of meat and vegetarian options. This is truly perfect if you love pasta and don’t fancy going out but want restaurant quality food.  So quick, simple and delicious. 

Pasta Evangelists

Who are Pasta Evangelists?

Pasta Evangelists was founded in 2017 and is led by MD & Founder Alessandro Savelli, an Anglo-Italian entrepreneur.  Co-founders include Chairman James McArthur, former CEO at Harrods and CEO of Anya Hindmarch, as well as COO Chris Rennoldson, who enjoyed a long career in the city before training as a chef at Leith’s School of Food & Wine.

Based in Farringdon, London Pasta Evangelists can deliver insulated boxes of fresh artisanal pasta dishes across the U.K. providing people five-star pasta dishes which can be cooked within five minutes bringing the taste of Italy to homes.

Pasta Evangelists has won and been backed by some of the biggest names in British food. Great British Bake Off star Prue Leith CBE, Sunday Times food critic Giles Coren and Masterchef critic William Sitwell have all been part of the business from the beginning, as co-founders and official Pasta Evangelists.

Delivered through the letterbox each box includes freshly hand-made pasta, an authentic Italian sauce, garnishes, and instructions on how to prepare the dish in minutes.

Pasta Evangelists chefs use only the finest seasonal ingredients and Italian produce. All the pastas and the sauces are hand-made in London.

Pasta Evangelists specialises in bringing interesting and new recipes from the 20 regions of Italy, including lesser-known specialities such as pesto trapanese from Trapani, salsa di noce from Genova, malloreddus from Sardegna, pici cacio e pepe from Rome.

Pasta love

With my love of Italian cuisine and my hectic life in attending so many events and making it hard for me to get time to cook dinner from scratch Pasta Evangelists made my life easier for the night.  They sent me some high quality delicious meals to cook, taste and blog about.

The box and the contents

In my box it contained dishes ‘Malloreddus with Sausage Alla Campidanese’ and ‘Radicchio, Chestnut, & Parmesan Tagliatelle’.

The step by step instruction guides are simple to read and easy to follow so if you are not a master at cooking you can’t go wrong with this. I especially loved the ‘About the Dish’ paragraph before the instructions which tells you a bit more about the history of where the dish orientated from.

Let’s cook

After 3 days I got the chance to cook the pasta meals I was sent via Pasta Evangelists.  I was a bit unsure how the quality and flavour was going to be as you are supposed to use within 3 days so this was on it’s limit. However all the ingredients for both meals still looked, smelt and tasted so fresh even after cooking. I was highly surprised.

I cooked both meals at the same time and with the coloured dot system in place it made it easy to know which ingredients went with which dish.  So I knew all the ingredients with the pink dot belonged to the malloreddus meal and the yellow dot was for the radicchio dish.

Radicchio, Chestnut, & Parmesan Tagliatelle
More info on dish and where it orientated from

Radicchio is similar to Italian chicory which is popular in Italy. I learnt that this leafy vegetable was a useful blood purifier and aid for insomniacs but no longer cultivated for medicinal purposes. Chicory has been used in Venetian cooking since the 15th century where it has remained a traditional part of Italian cuisine to this day.

The ingredients and verdict

The pasta with this dish was tagliatelle and came with three other ingredients the sauce, olive oil and parmesan cheese. All ingredients (apart from the parmesan cheese) just needed cutting open and putting into the pans whilst stirring every now and again. The purple and brown colours of the sauce looked beautiful and the nuttiness of the chestnut smelt so good.

Once cooked it was time to pour the olive oil over and sprinkle with parmesan. “Bon Appétit”.

Radicchio completed dish

Not only did this dish look beautiful with it’s purple and brown colour it also tasted heavenly. I have never had chestnuts in any meal before and wow they certainly did work well with this vegetarian dish.  The chunks of chestnuts gave it a real edgy texture with an explosion of nuttiness.  I will certainly think about using chestnuts in future meals. 

Malloreddus with Sausage Alla Campidanese
More info on dish and where it orientated from

This dish comes from the Italian island of Sardegna. This dish is made for special occasions and has been for centuries. Malloreddus is similar to gnocchi in look but malloreddus is wheat based instead of potato.  The sauce that comes with this dish was a campidanese sauce which is a traditional Sardinian ragu made with sausage, tomatoes and saffron.

There is even a story about brides within Sardinia that parade through town wearing silver jewellery and carrying a large basket of malloreddus which had been made by hand. The bride is closely followed by her family until she reaches the doorstep of her betrothed, who will then scare off her entourage with rifle shots. The bride will then enter to eat the malloreddus from the same plate as her new husband.

The ingredients and verdict

The malloreddus pasta came with three ingredients the sauce, pecorino foam and pecorino cheese. All ingredients (apart from the pecorino cheese) just needed cutting open and putting into pans whilst stirring every now and again.  How simple is that? It looked lovely and the smells that was coming from the sauce was so aromatic.

Finishing touch sprinkle over the cheese. Again “Bon Appétit”.

Malloreddus completed dish

This one my husband ate as I am not a fan of sausages but I did taste a small portion of this and it was amazing. The dish did not just look amazing but it was wholesome, fresh and very delicious. The sauce was rich in flavour of tomato and the sausage pieces gave it a real edge with it’s meatiness, not fatty at all.   

Fridge or freezer?

With all their products they have to be eaten within 3 days if keeping in the fridge but you can freeze which you can keep for 2 months in the freezer. The pasta can be cooked directly from frozen. Sauce though will need to be defrosted either overnight in the fridge or by putting it in boiled water for 4-5 minutes whilst still being sealed in the bag, until thawed and heated through.  Then you can cook.

Satisfy your craving heart with a quick, simple and delicious
pasta meal by Pasta Evangelists

Craving a Pasta Evangelists dish?

If after reading my blog you are now in awe and craving pasta then click here to buy yours now.  If nothing appeals to you when you look remember the dishes change weekly with a choice of five dishes. They sell dishes such as Pappardelle with Pork Stracotto and Cavolo Nero, Crab tortelloni, malloreddus alla campidanese and Paccheri alla Norma. Customers can also choose between ordering a one-time-only box or take out a five or ten week ‘Pasta Club’ membership, with weekly deliveries of the finest dishes, reminiscent of a pasta tasting menu.

So if you just don’t want to slave over a hot stove and looking for something quick but restaurant quality or you just want a romantic night in then look no further and order your meals now.

Above two photos supplied by Pasta Evangelists
“Pasta Evangelists is light years ahead of anything you can find in a shop.
Delicate, well balanced and 
Giles Coren, founding Pasta Evangelist
“Unashamedly top-end”
Prue Leith, founding Pasta Evangelist

Note if you do have any allergies all there products are prepared in a kitchen that also prepares molluscs, mustard, nuts, gluten, fish, crustaceans and there may contain traces of these.

Plus be-warned you might want to measure you letterbox depth as my pasta box could not go through my letter box.  

Thank you to Pasta Evangelists for the complimentary meals. I certainly will be looking to buy their meals in the future.  All views are my own honest opinion.


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