Rumours Mayfair pretty in pink

Have you heard the rumour that Rumours Mayfair a new restaurant has opened up in within Regent Street’s hidden gem Heddon Street which is a diners paradise.

I had the pleasure of attending on a complimentary basis with a few other bloggers from the community of Love Pop Ups London to sample their food.

Rumours Mayfair ​

Rumours Mayfair is an everyday dining restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner within their restaurant or even outside on their terrace.

All their dishes are all influenced from different cuisines across the globe, merging flavours from far-flung destinations.

The brunch menu features an exciting medley of plant based dishes as well as comfort food classics and sweet bites. Favourites for diners include avocado on sourdough toast, ricotta hotcakes with condensed milk, grilled cheese sandwiches and banana waffles with maple syrup.

For lunch and dinner the menu consists of a number of small plates as well as substantial dishes.  Starters include such as gluten-free crisps with guacamole, burrata topped with tomatoes and hummus served alongside assorted vegetables. Larger dishes come in the form of prawn linguine, roasted salmon with miso and chicken paillard. With desserts being just as tempting with cheesecakes, seasonal tarts, pavlova and banana bread all joining the line-up.

From the bar ​there is a mix of juices, smoothies, coffee and classic cocktails. Plus for the non-alcoholic concoctions Rumours serve freshly squeezed orange juice, ginger shots and immune boosting daily greens smoothies as well as a variety of homemade lemonades and unique tea blend. Their coffee is a central offering at Rumours, with the beans responsibly sourced from farms across the globe. Along with signature lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos, the restaurant also serves a variety of matcha which is incorporated behind the bar and even in the kitchen, hot chocolate and turmeric lattes, which can all be made with soy, almond or coconut milk.

Rumours Mayfair loves to bring people together, whether that’s colleagues, friends, family or partners into a sociable hub where socialising, eating and drinking are the orders of the day.

Rumours pretty in pink

Upon heading towards Rumours immediately you can see plants dawning the outside of the restaurant with people sitting within their al fresco dining area sitting back and taking in the sun, munching on various dishes and some people puffing on a Shisha.

Stepping into the restaurant you can see immediately that pink is their colour with lovely comfy chairs and marble style looking tables (not real marble).

We were given an option to sit within one of their large booths or one of the round marble style tables. We sat at one of the round marble tables as to sit near the balcony doors leading out to the terrace however I soon became to regret this as the diners outside who were smoking shisha’s kept on wafting into the restaurant and in my face which was not pleasant. However we remained at our table it was quite a hot day as we wanted the sunlight and fresh air even though this was not happening.

Drink and food time

First things first to quench my thirst I ordered one of their many cocktails. I opted for the Unicorn tears which consisted on candy floss. It was a sweet delight and I loved watching how my candy floss melted when I poured my drink over it.

The others one had a glass of wine, another also a Unicorn Tears and another asked the barmen if they did not mind making her a raspberry Mojito which was not on the menu which they were more than happy to do. I had a sip of her Mojito and it was amazing sweet, minty and very refreshing.

Sipping on my cocktail and scanning over the menu I decided to opt for the Fillet Mignon which was priced at £32 and for dessert I opted for the Sticky Toffee Pudding as I just love Sticky Toffee Puddings.

When my Fillet Mignon it looked so pretty on the pink plate but I was disappointed by the portion size and the small salad which it came with considering how much it costs. I also asked for the steak to be cooked medium rare and it was cooked more than medium rare more medium to be honest. However the thickness was a good thickness and the taste was still great. However I feel the portion could of been bigger especially the salad. I feel that there are other restaurants within London and other restaurants within Heddon Street that serve a much larger portion and at a better value.

Some of my fellow bloggers who joined me also was not that impressed by their dishes and the value however the vegetarian who joined us who had a mix of the smaller dishes was very impressed with her dishes but to be fair her’s did look far more impressive and the portions were huge. Maybe I should start going vegetarian.

As for dessert again I was disappointed as it was not sticky at all, no toffee sauce apart from ice cream and the pudding hardly had any flavour to it. It was like eating a sponge made out of brown sugar. A real disappointment as I love my puddings.

All my fellow bloggers were also disappointed with their puddings as two ordered the chocolate brownie and let’s just say it was hard like a brick.

The staff also on the night apart from the barmen and the original staff member who showed us to our seat the rest were not very welcoming and not very chatty plus they did not seem concerned about the issue of the chocolate brownie which I feel is very off.

Before heading off home we had to visit the ladies as we heard so much about the instagrammable toilet which it was with lovely wallpaper of flamingos and there is even a large pink couch with feathers decorating a wall which looks lush. However I did not like how the toilets were partly shared as the men had to walk through the ladies toilets to get to theirs.

Plus there was a window to get a glimpse of kitchen.

Rumour has it

All in all would I return again for an evening meal perhaps not but if I wanted a vegetarian dish and a lovely cocktail during the day say for lunch then I might pop in just for that. However I do feel that Rumours Mayfair needs to rethink about their pricing, portion sizes and perhaps even make one part of the terrace outside for Shisha users only as every patio window there was smoke coming in from people who were smoking Shisha’s which was not very pleasant.


4 Heddon Street

Opening times
Mon – Thur : 11am – 11:30pm
​​Fri – Sat : 11am – 12am
​Sunday : 11am – 10:30pm

Make a reservation online via clicking here, which you will be directed and your booking will be made through OpenTable.

Thank you Rumours Mayfair for inviting us down. This experience was complimentary from them but all views are my own honest opinion.

Click link below to be directed to read all write ups via those who joint me on the night.


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