The Melusine a right catch at St Katharine Docks

As the saying goes there are plenty of fish in the sea which represents a single person still seeking out their perfect future partner. The question I have though is are you still looking for your perfect seafood restaurant? if yes then look no further as The Melusine is a right catch.

I was invited down on a complimentary basis to taste the delights of their new seafood restaurant The Melusine which recently popped up in St Katharine Docks back in December 2019 and provides diners with fresh tasting seafood dishes.

The Melusine

Founders Theodore Kyriakou and Wade Mundford have created a neighbourhood seafood restaurant, called The Melusine.

Step through the doors of The Melusine and enjoy a space which brings an intimate experience, connecting you with the restaurant and chef.

They aim in bringing to their restaurant within the beautiful St Katharine Docks a fresh approach from using quality ingredients and fresh sustainable sourced seafood from the British Isles which is delivered daily. Talking to the skipper of the boats directly they are able to do this and give diners the freshest product straight from boat to plate in as minimal hours as possible. 

Seafood joy at The Melusine

​Situated in St. Katharine Docks, The Melusine is set beautifully set within the Ivory House which is a statutorily listed Grade 2 building, brick built over 5 storeys with slated roofs with an arched ground floor supported on cast iron beams and columns.

Upon entering the 40 seat restaurant I notice straight away that there is an open kitchen which is perfectly set within the middle of the restaurant giving all diners a great view of the chefs at work.

Alternatively for those who love yachts then you can gaze out of the windows at either end of the restaurant at the dock of St. Katharine’s Docks and dream about owning one of those lovely yachts which are moored up.

Warmly greeted we was sat at a table bang central to the open kitchen where we watched the chefs prepare dish after dish.

Taste of the sea

Gazing over the menu, which changes daily to reflect with the catch of the day, I and my husband we decided to opt for two starters to share first.

These hand dived scallops with chicory were a real treat, as they were large, came with it’s roe and juicy. The chicory gave the whole dish a creamy and yet nutty flavour.

The crispy squid, grilled cold smoked rump courgette capresse and cep oil was a delight. The squid was cooked perfectly, not chewy at all, it literally melted in the mouth as well as the cold smoked rump. All cooked to perfection. The courgette and dressing gave the whole dish that extra flavour of mushrooms.

To quench our thirst we opted each to enjoy their take on the Espresso Martini which they named The Juliette ‘Espresso Martini’. However if Espresso Martinis are not your kind of drink there is a vast range inventive, creative cocktails with great twists on classics to choose from.

Their Espresso Martini was amazing. We learned that the Smoked Reyka vodka they use they actually smoke in house, they add Tia Maria to it, Espresso and add their own home made salted caramel. It was so delicious, creamy, sweet, strong and had that little kick of saltiness.

Then onto our mains.

The Melusine

I opted for a whole John Dory with red peppers and caper sauce.

The fish was amazing delicate, light and flaky. The red peppers and caper sauce gave it that extra tang, sharpness and sweetness.

My husband chose the Beer Battered Fish. When he received his beer battered fish though he was shocked as it was not your usual cod or haddock but whiting instead.

However he really enjoyed the beer battered fish which tasted very similar to cod. Plus the batter was not overly thick which was nice as did not overpower away from the freshly cooked whiting within the batter.

Served with our fish mains we had a portion of triple cooked chips which were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. These are in fact some of the best triple cooked chips I have ever had.

For dessert we chose to share their special blue cheese homemade ice cream.

Wow this ice cream was unlike any other ice cream I have ever tasted. Even though it had a strong flavour of blue cheese it was creamy and delicious. The Sour cherry coulis was certainly needed as it really helped to cleanse the palette when needed. Highly recommend trying if you have never had an ice cream made out of cheese before.


This seafood restaurant is a real find and one that I highly recommend any seafood lover to visit as the fish is so fresh and the service within the restaurant is outstanding.

Thank you to the owners for a pleasant experience.

Check out The Melusine

The Melusine
Unit K, Ivory House
East Smithfield
St. Katherine Docks

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Thank you to The Melusine for a real seafood treat.

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