Eco-Flow saves money and water

When ever you wash up do you seem to get the sides wet and yourself more than the actual dishes?

Well thanks to Eco-Flow washing has become a splash free zone. Eco-Flow taps have been designed in such a way that it prevents water splashing everywhere. Plus the beauty about the Eco-Flow tap is that there is no need for installation by a plumber, it can rotate 360° at a 60° angle and has two multi function flows of shower and aerated.

Thanks to Eco-Flow I was given a tap to fix on my tap at home to test and it is the best working gadget I have ever had. I honestly don’t know where I would be without it. No more damp work surfaces and mini showers.


Eco-Flow tap adaptor saves money and water.

Founders Brothers, Mark and Paul who live within Avon have always been concerned about the amount of water we use. Knowing that we can all make a difference by using less water in our homes they came up with the Eco-Flow tap adapter which saves water, and money and can easily be fitted in every household. The Eco-Flow helps with climate change and water poverty.

The Eco-Flow tap is made from a high quality Italian design adapter which can easily be fitted to any kitchen tap with the ease via easy instructions and handy adaptors. No plumbers or tools required.

The Eco-Flow tap adapter regulates water flow whilst maintaining effective performance. Water is aerated to stop unwanted splashes, even in a shallow sink.

The Eco-Flow tap

  • can be easily fitted no plumber required
  • has two different functions aerated flow and shower spray
  • has a swivel 360° rotation with a 60° angle making it easy to reach into every corner of the sink to clean
  • comes in a stylish chrome finish with a choice of black or white fittings
  • made and designed from a high quality Italian-made design
  • helps reduce your water bill and helps the environment as the Eco-Flow tap adapter helps saves up to 18% of water when set on the shower flow and 11.5% water using the aerated flow.

Eco-Flow at home

Upon receiving my Eco-Flow tap and looking over the instructions it was easy to see how to fit. Removing the aerator/diffuser located in the spout and twisting on the Eco-Flow I soon had the Eco-Flow tap up and running. However depending on what tap you have you might need to use one of the adapters provided.

Cleaning made easier

The Eco-Tap can swivel 360° at a 60° angle which easily helps direct the water to reach right into the corners of your sink for fast and effective cleaning. It also has two different water flows of an aerated flow and shower spray. All you have to do to change in-between each is push up on the tap or down for the different flows. The aerated flow is great for filling the sink, washing hands and washing up pots and pans. The shower flow is great for gently washing fruit & vegetables.

The Eco-Flow tap adapter saves up to 18% of water with the shower flow setting and 11.5% water when using the aerated flow.

The beauty though about this tap adapter though is that the flow no matter how fast you have it on won’t cause any splashing when you wash up unlike a conventional tap.

As you can see from my video whilst I am cleaning my beer pint after enjoying a nice refreshing pint of Claushaler beer no splashing occurs with either flow. Plus I live in a hard water area and the water seemed cleaner and softer, even created bubbles. I mean just look at the glass how clean and sparkly and that’s without washing up liquid.

The Eco-Tap adapter is an Italian design and comes in either black or white in three different styles. Mine is the Solar Black Adapter.

Top marks

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have had many gadgets in my time for the kitchen but none have never really impressed me that much until now as the Eco-Flow tap adapter is the most impressive invention ever! and I mean ever! I am so impressed by how it prevents splashing, has a swivel head making it easy to clean the sink, how it has different water flows and how it makes the water seem a lot softer.

So if you are fed up having a mini shower when it comes to washing up your dishes, pots and pans then I highly recommend Eco-Flow tap adapter.

Eco-Flow order yours

Eco-Flow Solutions Limited
Unit D1 Cirrus Court
Aviation Business Park West
Bournemouth International Airport
BH23 6BW

Telephone: 01202 577007 (Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5pm)

Improve your kitchen tap with the Eco‑flow Tap Adapter

Solar (White) Tap Adapter £13.99
Saturn (Black) Tap Adapter £12.99
Sirius (White) Tap Adapter £13.99
Solar (Black) Tap Adapter £13.99
Sirius (Black) Tap Adapter£13.99
Saturn (White) Tap Adapter £12.99
Halo (Black) Tap Adapter £12.49
Tucana (Black) Tap Adapter £12.49

Thanks to Eco-Flow for the tap which is the best gadget I have ever had. All views are my own honest opinion.

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