Jean Patrique Stovetop Toastie Maker use at home or outside

We all love cheese and toast and that is why so many of us love cheese toasties. A cheese toastie is the ultimate comfort food and are really easy to make. However when it comes to cooking a cheese toastie it can get slightly messy if using an electric cheese toastie machine with cheese and butter oozing out from the sides. Thankfully Stovetop Toastie Maker by Jean Patrique has made cooking a cheese toastie that much simpler and cleaner.

I was gifted a PR product* of Jean Patrique Stove Toastie Maker to review. It requires no electricity, it is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors either on a gas stove, electric hob, over a campfire or BBQ.

Jean Patrique

Jean Patrique is a direct consumer cookware company that delivers great quality products at affordable prices.

Founded back in 1998 French Chef Jean Patrique supplies a range of kitchenware to restaurants within the UK his products soon became a success and very popular so with that he started to sell and supply to home cooks.

20 years on Jean Patrique has sold over 450 exceptional kitchenware products all of which are sustainably and responsibly manufactured to just over 500,000 happy customers including many chefs, hoteliers and caterers.

From 2019 Jean Patrique is now also available not just in the UK but also within the USA.

Cheese toasting indoors or even outdoors

Upon receiving my Stovetop Toastie Maker I was instantly impressed by the design, weight, long heat resistant handle, depth for the sandwich and non stick element. Plus as it needs no electricity plus being portable it can be used either indoors or outdoors. I used mine on my gas hob, but it can also be used over electric and ceramic hobs plus out over an open fire or BBQ.

I love cheese toasties but I hate cooking them as whenever I have used any electric cheese toastie appliances cheese and butter has always seemed to leak everywhere out of the machine. However thanks to the design and style of Jean Patrique Stovetop Toastie Maker cooking a cheese toastie has become that much simpler.

Jean Patrique Stovetop Toastie

This easy to use Stovetop Toastie Maker has a great depth to it meaning you can pack a loaded sandwich filled with cheese and anything else easily within. Plus no oil/butter is needed thanks to the non stick of the product. As it has great heat retention the toasting distributed well. So within minutes I had a perfectly cooked cheese toastie.

I made my cheese toastie simply using two slices of bread, and three cheeses of Cheddar, Red Leicester and Emmental cheese. The bread toasted well, creating pretty griddled lines and the cheese held within the bread and melted well.

Don’t just take my word for it watch my video on Instagram.

Plus when it came to cleaning it was super easy to clean as there are no electrical elements to worry about.

Also dishwasher safe as no electrical elements to worry about.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This portable Stovetop Toastie Maker which measures 38 x 15 x 3.3cm is one of the best cheese toasties I have ever used and now own. Why? as it was so much easier than using an electric toaster. Cooking within minutes and no mess thanks to it’s great depth and non stick coating this portable Stovetop Toastie Maker was a delight to use.

Also what I loved about this Stovetop Toastie Maker is that it can be used not just at home on the stove but also can be used when outside over an open camp fire or even a BBQ so you can enjoy a toastie when going camping.

The only thing I would point out though is as it is not electric there is no timer to indicate when the toastie might be ready. However after using a few times I soon had a rough idea of when my toastie might be done to my liking. Also one other thing to point out I found that the outside metal scratched quite easily. However apart from those little issues this portable toastie has been the easiest to use, healthy and easy to clean.

So if you love cheese toasties or know of anyone who does then I highly recommend this portable one. Plus as mentioned the beauty about this product is that you can use at home or out camping as who wants to eat baked beans time and time again, not I.

Costs £19.99 and comes in silver, black or copper.

Jean Patrique order yours now

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General Enquiries: 0800-472-5969
Customer Services: 0203-455-0480

Thanks to Jean Patrique for the handy Stovetop Toastie Maker which is not just great for indoors but also good for outdoors to. All views are my own honest opinion.

*PR product – paid to cover

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