Lost Boys Pizza

Love pizzas but charcoal pizza?
Love cocktails?
Love 80s nostalgia?
Then you’ll love Lost Boys Pizza  

Have you ever had pizza made using charcoal well you can at Lost Boys Pizza who are famous for them.

Click here to see the menu.

Find out more about Lost Boys Pizza by clicking here.

Thanks to Lost Boys for having me and Steve another member of Love Pop Ups London down to sample your black pizza at your launch January 2019.

A year late I returned January 2020 with a group of other members from Love Pop Ups London to taste their vegan pizza range.

Check out our Instagram stories on the night click here.

Discover more and read our write ups….

“This pizza was just like a normal Margarita pizza but much more cheesier with the mozzarella being ever so stringy, thick and the dough being dark.  The dough even though black surprisingly did not taste that much different to a normal white based dough.”
January 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post of launch, blog post for Veganuary and Instagram post.

“This was a special opening night event which allowed us to try 4 of their pizzas and 3 of their drinks.”
January 2019

Steve blog post

“Such an epic near deathperience Lost Boys Pizza – my dark soul was fed in more ways than one.”
January 2020

Avais Instagram post

” A pizza named Death, 100% vegan, and I’m so into it.”
January 2020

Milly blog post and Instagram post

“Even vampires can enjoy the new vegan menu at Lost Boys Pizza in Camden!”
January 2020

Katie Instagram post

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