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Mission Breakout – Underground 2099 rats have taken over London!

There are many escape rooms within London and all over the world but what makes Mission Breakout so unique from the rest is that their escape rooms are held within a disused underground which used to be South Kentish Town Tube and was also used back in the day as a shelter from World War 1 & 2 bombings.

Mission Breakout has been entertaining fans of escape rooms for quite a while now but new to 2022 they have opened a new escape room Underground 2099 which is set in the future but all is not quite right as mutant rats have taken over London’s underground. Question is are you brave enough to tackle the rats and save London and the world from these mutated 6 foot rats.

Has been a while since playing Mission Breakouts other escape rooms of The Lost Passengers and Codebreakers so I was excited when I was invited down courtesy of Mission Breakout to review their latest escape room Underground 2099. However I was a little nervous about facing and tacking giant mutated rats which have taken over their newest escape room.

Mission Breakout

Mission Breakout is set within an old London tube station which was formerly known as South Kentish Town tube station. Now within this disused underground station you can participate in many escape rooms with some based around historical moments from the war.

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