Dip, crunch & eat crisps – HipChips

HipChips is a pop up that is based in London’s Soho area for a limited time in where you can buy and eat freshly cooked chips along with dips.

HipChips and dips

Let’s get dipping

What an amazing unique concept crisps and various dips. I don’t usually like crisps that much but these crisps are amazing. They look awesome with all the various crisp colours, crunchy and taste crisptastic. I opted for the small size portion with two pudding dips at £4.50 or you can have savory. I chose the lemon & raspberry dip and the salted caramel dip. Both were lush, the lemon & raspberry creamy and tangy and the salted caramel so sweet, extremely salty and rich.

Eat in or takeaway

You can either eat in or takeaway. Originally we was going to eat in but no tables left as they only have five tables and all were being uses so I took them away. The crisps and dips are packaged up very nicely in a box. I enjoyed them at home and shared the crisps with my husband but both of us struggled to eat all the crisps even though we were loving them. I think the dips feel you up quickly especially with them being very rich.


The chips are gorgeous in my opinion this is a higher class version of nachos. It is a great idea for a party a great modern twist.

I highly recommend any crisp lover to go along to this place out if you are in the area of Soho .

Don’t let this crunch you by.

To find out more about HipChips click here.

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