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Munching on an Empress Ale Great British Gastro Pub Snack Box watching Santa

We all love a snack throughout the day or even a naughty midnight snack however it can be hard to choose from the many different snacks out there on the market as to know which crisps or nuts to pair with your pint or to enjoy whilst watching a Christmas movie. Thanks though to Empress Ale their Great British Gastro Pub Snack Box they have made snack time choosing made easy with their box of delicious made Savoursmiths crisps and Serious Pig snacks.

I was gifted a gastro pub box courtesy of Empress Ale to enjoy at home during this festive season along with some Celia lager.

Empress Ale

Founded by Surj Virk Empress Ale took many months of testing, tasting, tweaking, working with chefs, restaurateurs and award winning brewers to bring an ale of British and Indian influences together. Empress Ale was then born 2016 bringing to the market a premium craft British pale ale that’s smooth, light and easy-drinking.

Empress Ale is brewed in an award-winning brewery in London by chefs and restaurateurs Empress Ale has been designed to be enjoyed on any occasion, leaving you craving for more after every sip. They use the finest natural ingredients, which are sourced locally where possible.

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Dip, crunch & eat crisps – HipChips

HipChips is a pop up that is based in London’s Soho area for a limited time in where you can buy and eat freshly cooked chips along with dips.

HipChips and dips

Let’s get dipping

What an amazing unique concept crisps and various dips. I don’t usually like crisps that much but these crisps are amazing. They look awesome with all the various crisp colours, crunchy and taste crisptastic. I opted for the small size portion with two pudding dips at £4.50 or you can have savory. I chose the lemon & raspberry dip and the salted caramel dip. Both were lush, the lemon & raspberry creamy and tangy and the salted caramel so sweet, extremely salty and rich. Continue reading

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