Sweet canapés – CanapéBox

(Photo above by Canape Box)


I had the privilege of going along to celebrate the achievements of CanapéBox at Messums Fine Art Gallery in Mayfair where not only was Canapés on display but also a number of art pieces by Kurt Jackson was available to buy on the night. Kurt’s paintings mainly are landscapes of the Cornish coast. All of his art work is visually stunning and a joy to look at.

CanapéBox this year are celebrating 5 years and they have won a nationally recognised business award in e-commerce.  Christopher Messum, owns CanapéBox. He held the event to extend warm wishes and thanks to his loyal suppliers and clients.

CanapéBox provides exquisite high quality food at very affordable prices. All the canapés are made from locally sourced organic quality ingredients.  Each canapé takes approx. 1 minute to make.



I tasted various canapés throughout the event which were all exceptional and so full of flavour plus all looked stunning.  The canapés that we tasted were smoked mackerel pate, pea blini, asparagus and pea cress and a Soy bean frittata, with spring radish, pea, mint, and preserved lemon.  Dessert canapés were also available, with a salted caramel and ginger shortbread, with chocolate ganache and fresh mint.  That is just a small selection that they have to offer.  They can also produce a selection of dietary tailored recipes, which include vegetarian, vegan and dairy free options.  There was also various drinks to try from Skinny Fizz and Pompita Sangria which complimented the canapé flavours.  Christopher ended the night by thanking everyone for all their custom and support.

The next big new next step for CanapéBox is their party shop concept which is coming soon.

So if you are looking for great locally sourced organic party/finger food then CanapéBox is the company to choose and buy from.



Thank you to CanapéBox for letting me come along to taste your canapes.