Wicked Halloween treats – La di da Sweet Treats

Every year I put on a pop-up Halloween event at mine for the kids in the neighbourhood providing them with much frights and ghoulish surprises from animatronic ghosts to ghoulish decorated cupcakes & cake pops which I make with my sister Emma of Cakes Makes Memories. This year La di da Sweet Treats gave me some boo-tiful decorated Oreo treats which were ghoulishly delightful. 

La di da Sweet Treats

Firstly it came delivered in a lovely box tied in a blue ribbon which made it look so sweet. Then I opened the box up and saw these amazing glossy ghoulish treats.

The Oreos are masked in glossy chocolate (candy melt) and decorated with spooky decor from a brain to a sawn off finger giving them a very creepy look and making them ever so spook-takular. They tasted wicked with a crunch and a bite I was in Oreo and chocolate heaven, not hell! They are so different and fun certainly more unusual from any cupcake or cake pops (La di da Sweet Treats also sell these). If you have an event coming up soon like a birthday then their treats are a must as they can be dressed-up for any occasion and such fun.

Info about how La di da Sweet Treats came about

La di da Sweet Treats came about when Sangita who has been a passionate baker ever since she was young took it to the next level to start up her own business. Sadly when she was 19 her mum sadly passed away so she then took up sugarcraft courses as an escapism and from there this is when she created La di da Sweet Treats. Since starting up back in 2012 she has been featured in many magazines/papers such as The Telegraph and Vogue. Her products can be bought in luxury stores such as Selfridges and she has supplied to many top clients such as Topshop, Debenhams and London Fashion Week to name just a few. Her company is growing bigger and better all the time.

The products

She has many exciting new products also lined up so watch her page via Facebook, Instagram and her website as to not too miss her new creations.

Her big hit at the moment that everyone wants to buy are her magical unicorns Oreos. They are made from regular Oreos which are delicately coated in a white vanilla chocolate candy melt and decorated with ginormous eyelashes, a dazzling gold horn and flowing mane decorated in vibrant rainbow colours.

To see and buy any of La di da Sweet Treats click here.

To read my full blog on my Halloween pop-up event and to see more photos of my event click here.

I also helped to raise funds for Kent Wildlife Trust this year during the night.


Thank you to La di da Sweet Treats for the treats they truly were ghoulishly delicious. The sweets were supplied to me in return for a honest blog.

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