The mind of a serial killer – Omescape Mind Horror

I went along the other day with some others to play Omescape VR horror experience Mind Horror.

Who are Omescape?

However firstly let me tell you a bit more about Omescape.

Omescape London is the UK’s premier escape room game, brought to you by the world leaders in live immersive experiences. They have been global leaders since 2012 with over 30 branches across Asia, Eastern Europe, America and Australia. Their objective is to design and create the best escape room experience in the world where players work as a team to explore, find clues, solve puzzles and mysteries to beat the clock.

They have a number of escape rooms in their King’s Cross branch:

  • Joker’s Asylum
  • Biohazard Laboratory
  • The Penitentiary
  • Mind Horror (VR)

and they have an escape room in their Aldgate branch:

  • Kingdom of Cats

Discover more about these gmaes and their stories via clicking here.

With Omescape escape rooms you will be challenged and experience a game full of thrills and adventure. With movie-like sets, professionally designed puzzles, high tech props and automation, Omescape brings Live Escape Game in London to a whole new level.


Mind Horror

Stepping into Omescape we come across a dark reception and have to sign a waiver before playing Mind Horror.  We are then given some ground rules and instructions on how to play the game.

We was then told a back story and what our mission is.

It is said that a serial killer known as the Silent Man has kidnapped a child and keeps her at an unknown location. He has been apprehended but a deadly brain disease has put him into a coma. So it was up to us to enter the Silent Man’s mind to discover a key memory, which will disclose the location of the kidnapped child. With just 1 hour though to explore his mind before he dies and connection is lost the mission was of great urgency.

Venturing into the mind of a Serial Killer

This VR game is one which you remain seated but you can move your VR character around by putting your arms out in front of you and hands flat.  We were also told that we can shoot things within the game by making our hands into fists and then releasing making me think of Spiderman.

Before we could start we was told to choose a nickname for ourselves however as all five of us could not decide on a name each we nicknamed the person to our left.

Jason was nicknamed Monkey, Jen SuperJen, Bianca Rainbow, Sasha Violet and I was nicknamed Savage.

It was then on with the headphones and VR headset to indulge into the mind of the Silent Man to save the boy.

Omescape Mind Horror Jason Omescape Mind Horror Jen, Sasha, and Bianca Omescape Mind Horror Bianca and me

The whole game started with us warping through the mind of the Silent Man to get to the ore of his brain and all I kept on thinking was of The Running Man when Arnold and his pals was released down the tunnel in those vehicles and all you could see was light all around you coming straight at you.

After the whole tunnel like experience I then could see my friends all sitting around a table.  Our VR character bodies looked amazing even though us virtual ladies all looked the same very slim, black short hair tied back and perked boobs.  Then there was Jason or should I say Monkey who had lost an incredible amount of weight, had muscles and a very chiselled chin. We had to figure out a puzzle all together before moving on.  After this we had to solve many challenges, from shooting nasties such as spiders, piranhas etc that we came across which was lurking in the Silent Man’s messed up mind.

However we managed to venture through the Silent Man’s mind and ended up saving the boy and releasing ourselves from Silent Mans mind within 47 mins and 35 secs, which we were told is quite fast for a team of five.

Omescape Mind Horror us

We survived

This game was certainly different to any other kind of escape room I have played as this was VR after all however I was highly impressed.  I have played many VR games before on Playstation 4 but Omescape uses HTC Vive Systems which is far better than any console VR you can buy at present. The graphics and smoothness of the game was amazing. However sometimes though through the game play it was difficult to control and grab objects.  After a while we all quickly got the hang of it and made our way through the story.  However at times I did suffer with some motion sickness.

All in all though this was a very fun unique experience.  So if you have never played VR before or love VR then I highly recommend.  The whole game is not too difficult and not too frightening unless you hate spiders.  Also the story line is an interesting one.

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Thanks to Omescape for letting me and others from Love Pop Ups London community come down to play your latest VR game Mind Horror. The game was complimentary but all views are my own honest opinion.

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Omescape London

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