York & Albany brings the Caribbean to London with their secret Rum Shack

Looking for Caribbean vibes to escape the hustle and bustle of London? then I highly recommend Gordon Ramsay York & Albany Rum Shack which is a hidden gem nestled within their courtyard at the back of their restaurant.

I was invited on a complimentary basis along with some other community members of Love Pop Ups London to party within the shack whilst enjoying an array of Caribbean food along with rum, rum and more rum.

York & Albany

York & Albany is part of Gordon Ramsay franchise and you can either enjoy delicious cuisine within or stay in one of their luxurious rooms as York & Albany is a restaurant as well as a hotel.

Tuck into a hearty meal in their restaurant and try out the delicious seasonal menus which are all carefully created by York & Albany’s Head Chef.

Alternatively why not extend your visit after eating at York & Albany and stay the night in one of their luxurious rooms. With York & Albany only being a stone’s throw from Regent’s Park it is the perfect place to wind down for the night.

The Rum Shack

This Spring and Summer York & Albany brings to London their hidden gem to get away from the hustle and bustle of London city life with their Caribbean themed Rum Shack.

Nestled in their Camden courtyard guests can enjoy a private beach-style shack to eat, drink and relax within.  

Within the shack diners can enjoy a Light ‘N’ Breezy rum cocktail as they arrive, before tucking into a canapé-inspired menu filled with sweet and savoury Caribbean-inspired dishes, including Bacardi rum & tamarind wings, mojito style prawn skewers and Pina colada set cream, rum-glazed pineapple & toasted coconut chips. 

Menus start at £29 per person, including a Light ‘N’ Breezy welcome cocktail and sharing platter.

Time flies when you’re having RUM

Upon arriving at York & Albany I was warmly greeted by the staff who then proceeded to take me over to a table where some of the other community members of Love Pop Ups London were and surprise surprise they were already in a Caribbean vibe and drinking Bacardi rum cocktails.

Looking around and now sipping my own rum cocktail I noticed how spacious York & Albany is and what beautiful furnishings dawn the restaurant area.

Once the other members of my party arrived we were then led down to York & Albany courtyard and there it was a hidden gem The Rum Shack.

The shack immediately made me start thinking about the Caribbean with it’s hay roof and Bacardi deckchairs.

Stepping within the Rum Shack I really felt like I was in a Caribbean shack with Caribbean style posters dotted around on the walls, wooden art sculptures from Tiki men to parrots.

There was enough seating for up to eight people from woven colourful Caribbean style stalls to two wooden structured sofas.

Whilst in the hut you can play Caribbean music or music of your choice through the speakers which can be accessed via blue-tooth through your phone but unfortunately the night we went the speakers were broken so we did not get the full Caribbean party mood.

Upon settling after taking many photos of the Rum Shack the food started to arrive, tray upon tray, and what a selection there was.

Time to tuck in

The black pea and rice arancini was like striking gold as they looked like golden nuggets. They had a lovely thin coating of breadcrumbs which gave the balls a lovely crispiness and crunch followed on by the warm creamy pea and rice filling which was golden, so delicious.

The Bacardi rum and tamarind wings made me think of the bonfires and parties the African tribe people have on the beaches and open land. The chicken wings were tangy and sticky with the chicken literally falling away from the bone. I loved the hint of Bacardi which I could taste as well which had been used as part of the marinade.

The Bacardi Mojito prawns on skewers looked pretty with prawns and courgette ribbons nestled amongst each prawn. It made me think a bit of the sea with the prawns swimming amongst seaweed. Maybe this is what they were trying to achieve. However I did not enjoy these that much as I don’t like cooked cold large prawns but if you do then you will love as it had a lovely bite and you could certainly taste the Bacardi.

Stuck into an upside down watermelon there was so many skewers of Chimichurri glazed vegetables, tofu which consisted of tomatoes, aubergines and tofu. I loved the aubergine chunks which were cooked to perfection and the sweet tomatoes, but I was not keen on the Tofu as it seemed to have no flavour.

Finally for savoury I and others tucked into a large Cuban sandwich each. These looked like half moons making me think of the Caribbean at night after the sun has settled and the moon has come out to say hi. These beauts were a heavenly delight initially I did not think I would like them as I am not one for ham hock but wow they were a treat. The pastry around it was like eating into a doughnut and the filling was so creamy and tasty with melting cheese oozing from it with delicate perfectly cooked shredded pieces of ham hock. Perfection.

With our bellies practically full it was now onto the best part of any meal time for me personally and that is dessert time.

As you can see we were at this stage very much filled with Caribbean vibes all thanks to that rum punch.

Served up in front of us was a lovely display of Pina colada panna cotta with Bacardi glazed pineapple which made me think of pink sands and islands as they were topped on a tangy sweet blackcurrant sauce. The panna cottas were quite hard to transfer though from the serving dish to our plates as we were not provided with a spatula so using our spoons and hands I slid mine onto my plate. The panna cotta though was a dream so creamy and full of flavour and the pineapple pieces gave it that extra texture. A jewel of a delight.

Then onto the Dulce de lech tart with Bacardi rum and raisin ice cream. Slightly too big in my opinion especially after eating so many savoury dishes and panna cotta but they all looked amazing and tasted great. The tart base was golden and had a lovely crunch to it and the filling was a treat with notes of Bacardi seeping through the Dulce de lech milky cream filling.

For drinks during the night within the Rum Shack we enjoyed a Light N Breezy which contained Bacardi Oro, Creme de Cassis, Fish Lime, Ginger Beer. I loved the heat that hit my throat from the ginger beer and hint of citrus that hit my taste buds every so often. Very refreshing and very Caribbean.

We also enjoyed several glasses of Captain Tony’s Rum Punch which consisted of Bianco, Bacardi Oak heart, Mango, Pineapple, Coconut water, Pink Grapefruit and came within a barrel. I loved how the fruits worked together giving it a real tang. A very tropical and refreshing rum drink.

After leaving York & Albany Rum Shack I was merry and feeling as though I had travelled to the Caribbean with Caribbean delights of food within my stomach and rum flowing through my blood, what a hidden gem.

Not all treasure is silver and gold

I would highly recommend if you are looking for an area to hire out to privately party or have a good night out with up to eight of your friends, family or colleagues as you really will feel as if you have left London and have been transported to the Caribbean.

The shack was cute, the food was top quality and the drinks were a real delight.

Adventure down to York & Albany Rum Shack

127-129 Parkway,

Hire the Rum Shack exclusively for 2 – 8 guests (minimum of 4 guests for selected slots, Thursday to Sundays) in 2 hour booking slots:

11am – 1pm
1.30pm – 3.30pm
4pm – 6pm
6.30pm – 8.30pm
9pm – 11pm 

For more information, contact York & Albany Groups & Events team (Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm) on 020 7592 1373 or groupsandevents@gordonramsay.com or call 020 7592 1227 or email yorkandalbany@gordonramsay.com on weekends.

To book the Rum Shack, purchase your tickets via Design My Night.

Thank you to York & Albany for inviting me down. All views are of my own honest opinion.

Click below to be redirected to read all the other community members views who joined me. Their views are of their own honest opinions.

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