The Adventure is Real with Agent Venture

Stuck at home spying on your neighbours? STOP, use your detective skills skills to help Agent Venture eliminate an evil corporation from your sofa.

I was gifted an online experience courtesy of The Adventure is Real where I and some other community members of Love Pop Ups London we got to help Agent Venture take down the baddies.

The Adventure is Real

The Adventure Is Real provides adventurers an immersive role play game.

Adventurers will be taken to another world. Leave behind the mundane as you adopt the role of a daring hero in an epic adventure. Will you be a swashbuckling soldier, a wand-wielding wizard, or perhaps a righteous cleric? Become the daring hero you always imagined.

​Have you got what it takes to solve mysteries, overcome obstacles, and acquire the lost treasure? Or will you fall by the wayside, be defeated, end up dead, or worse?

The game is designed for 3 – 6 adventurers. Sessions last for around 3 hours, and is all shaped by the decisions you make, and the actions you take.

Plus for a limited time they are providing budding detectives an online spy mission to eliminate B.A.D. Corporation.

Have you got what it takes to be part of a heist?

Become a secret agent team with your friends and execute a daring heist from the comfort of your own home.

With a live cast, and digital clues to guide you, all you need is a computer and phone to play online.

The game is played via Zoom and designed for four agents, but you can have a fifth to help with the coordination

Can you and your friends pull together to save the day and expose the crimes of an evil corporation?

Agents on a mission

From the comfort of our own homes I led my team of trusty Agents Bianca the Navigator, Laura the Researcher, Joice the Communicator, Lynsey the Hacker on mission to take down B.A.D. Corporation.

Before taking on the secret mission each of my team mates were sent their secret packs to help them with their missions in hand. I was sent all the documents as I was the coordinator there to assist where possible.

My team then just had 30 minutes to take down B.A.D. Corporation.

With the help of Agent Venture we managed to make our way to the well guarded vault and crack the code to bring down the B.A.D. Corporation and with 7 minutes to spare!


The game was fun and well thought out. However I would of loved the mission to have been a little longer than just 30 minutes as we are a team of expert Agents, and we cracked it in a super fast time.

I played the role of a Coordinator but as my team of Agents are super talented at cracking codes they did not need my services so I felt a bit redundant during the mission. So I would recommend playing with just 3 other Agents. Plus my team managed to complete the mission in a super fast time with 7 minutes to spare.

The documents though provided to each agent were all very jam packed with information making it easy for them to take on their roles as Agents. However I think that the documents rather than being given a few minutes before mission starts should possibly be sent few days before as for Agents to take in all information of their role in hand as an Agent.

Agent Venture Jason of The Adventure is Real made the whole taking on the mission a great one adding suspense and excitement.

The game costs £10 per player, however for just a 30 minute mission I think that expert Agents would find that slightly steep, however a lot of work has been put into this mission and with the help of Agent Venture Jason I understand why it is priced at ten pounds each.

All in all the mission was well done and the packages received for each undercover Agent was very informative helping us as a team take down the B.A.D. Corporation with ease.

Have you what it takes to become the next Bond?

Adventure waits will you answer the call?

Grow Studios, Unit 28
86B Wallis Road
Hackney Wick
E9 5LN

Ever wished you were in a fantasy story? Would you be the daring warrior, the book smart wizard, or the thrifty thief? Leave behind the mundane as you adopt the role of a daring hero in an epic adventure! Can you solve the mysteries, overcome the obstacles, and return with glory and treasure in hand? Or will you fall by the wayside, defeated, dead, or worse, like so many who strive for greatness? Bring your intrepid band of 3 – 6 adventurers and take on their immersive board game experience! OR are you looking to become a spy to take down an evil cooperation whilst not leaving your house?

Discover more about The Adventure is Real click here.

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Thank you to The Adventure is Real for recruiting me and my trusty Agents of Love Pop Ups London take on a mission like no other whilst in the comforts of our own home.

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